Hello guys,
I decided to rebuild my 63' Cadillac Deville (63B) 390cui engine as it drank 2liters of oil for 100 kilometers. my master disassembled engine and it was all dead, so I need to rebore cylinders etc. therefore I need engine kit. As I am not very familiar with imperial measures and my master doesn't speak English (obviously) I need to try to figure everything by myself (my english is not the best as well lol :))) so lets start:
1) My master told me I need to order pistons of size between 4.0099 - 4.0101 inch. Could you give me an advise what size of these replacement pistons do I need? .010? .020? .030? .040? or .050?
2) If I need for instance .020 piston set, so I believe I will need to order same .020 size piston ring set, right? what about cam bearings, are they one size or also differ?
3) Rod Bearing Set size? - I need 57.12 mm, so mm to inches converter shows that it is 2.2488189 inches – is it original size or any other that you might have?
4) Main bearing set size? – I need 76.19 mm, so converter shows that it is 2.9996063 inches – is it original size? same question :)
anything else I should know? I found engine set on Ebay - Falcon Classic Engine sets

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Hi Marius,

I was going through your photos and it shows a broken piston back in 2013..... is that correct?

The reason I ask, is if you rebuilt the motor in 2013 and its using as much oil as you suggest, something hasn't been correct for a while in that motor. We'll get around any bad English you might have..... :-)

I speak Australian and most times everyone can get their noggin around what i'm waffling on about. 

Hey Kevin,

Yes, it was in 2013, my seventh cylinder piston broke, so I got another installed (got a nice one from Jason). As piston ckacked it didnt do any damage to cylinder wall's, we cleaned, replaced bearings, piston rings and gaskets, thats it. However, this time we found that walls are bruised, some camshaft padles broken, valves and lifters done. :( 

I also changed engine master this time as I didn't like what it performed after last time. BTW, no any bore was done yet to cylinders. This time I want it to be rebuild fully. also, I dont want to make a mistake on order, as it is approx 2000$ on order and I dont live in USA and will not be able to change, bring back or etc, due to import taxes, time and shipping costs.

In Australia, I deal with a these folks.


Because you have to have your parts sent to you, see how the prices compare. When I did my engine a year or two ago, they were great. Every part I wanted, including a brand new camshaft, was all on the shelf.

Can't hurt to ask for a price mate. Oh, your 63 looks really nice too, I bet that turns heads in Lithuania. LOL :-) 

Oh yeah, it is a real neckbreaker :-) not that many US Classics ride across 2,6mil ppl country :)
I will have to choose US Seller as it is easier with taxes. It is nice that you have great dealers in Australia, kinda jealous lol
- i would appreciate if some1 from US or if there are any EU members would recomend me someone from their own practice. I did some research and talked to my mechanic that it would be better to bore cylinders wider, at least to number 2. I still want to double check with you fellas. Does number 2 bore mean that i need .020 pistons and .020 piston rings? So that means that cylinder bore will be 4.0200 right?
I'm not confident with engines, but im learning fast :)



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