Looking for a built or suitable for rebuild Carter carburetor for my 1964 Fleetwood 60 429 THM w/AC. It would be a plus if it had the solenoid for the THM transmission in working shape. The previous owner turned the original in at the auto parts store as a core on an Edelbrock unit without realizing he wouldn't be getting the same thing. I'd love to get the taped up wiring bypass off of the firewall and get the stock air , Dave

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I have long disconnected the selonoid for the passing gear of the TH -400 trans
This engine and trans combo has enough brut power to pass anything up to 80 MPH on the road ( while driving with one finger ) so no need for the passing gear to be engaged ( my strong opinion - your call )
Just smooth very strong acceleration ( torque monster )
The TH-400 trans is bullet proof not seeing one needing repair on here since 2006 myself

Installing the Edelbrock carb will require a number of mechanical skills you need to have
I do have the Edelbrook 600 cfm carb on my 64 429
The electric choke is better than the stock choke but still not great in my opinion
The carb does have two vacuum ports for your ignition vacuum advance -which will have the effect of changing the stock ignition curve to cause the engine to perform sronger
My carb did have to be rejetted after a complete tune up and engine go over showed the plugs burning to lean and creating excessive cylinder heat
The Edelbrock techs are very helpful suggesting the required changes

If i had to do the carb installation again i do think i would just do a rebuild of the stock Carter carb to keep things simple and keep expense down and still have the car perform great as the engine does bone stock
The Carter carb is one of the very best designed carbs on the planet first used by GM in 63 and still a high performance carb in 2019

If you have the skills to install the Edelbrock -again your call
The stock air cleaner --will require an adapter you can get from Russ on this site or you need an after market air cleaner as the venturi of the Edelbrock has been made a bit larger than the Carter

A new fresh carb is a real nice thing to have anytime


I really appreciate the comments and advice. The car already has the edelbrock conversion on it but its been on there for years and the accelerator pump has failed so it's time to go one way or the other. Whatever part number the previous owner purchased didn't allow to use of the stock air cleaner so it just taking up room in the garage. Whomever did the installation didn't  even try to adapt it and put on a 12" universal chrome air cleaner that looks so out of place in the engine compartment. The car is completely original so I want to put that massive unit back on and in it's rightful place in the engine bay. 

I like that you say if you did it all over again you'd go through the stock unit. That's my plan. My dad is an old rodder engine builder and carburetor expert.  The plan is to get my hands on the stock unit and let him go through it and properly set it up. He's retired and waiting patiently for me to get the carb so he has a purpose. He has all his old tools and jet kits and all the stuff and he's itching to get it all out again. He's an old GM mechanic.His advice was the same as yours, get me the stock carb and I'll hook it all up.

I've had the car for five years now and it's great to finally have a reason to use this forum and have really nice enthusiasts jump it to chat. I worked wholesale parts for a GM dealer for 12 years earlier in my career and have had a few old chevys. It's nice to be part of this Cadillac community now and meet others that are so passionate about these massive cars.

Thanks again.


Is this what you need? I've got the proper spacer, shim and the kick down. I took it off my running 64 sedan to install an fitech fuel injection system. You should be able to install it and run it. 

My carburetor also has a working A/C dashpot for the comfort control system. 

Hi there. Thanks for joining the discussion. This is exactly what I need. Are you in a hurry to off it ? I don't want to miss this opportunity. I have a guy coming over in the next couple of days to buy a bunch of vintage VW  parts I have left over from a car I restored and sold. My plan was to use those funds to flip into buying this setup from you. That way my wife doesn't even see the transaction, HA. If you're in a hurry I'll make it happen another way though. Let me know, I am definitely your buyer.

Thanks much,


Hi Dave, not in a hurry to sell it. I was going to list it on Ebay at some point since it is fairly rare to get everything you need in one purchase. 

I also have a seven blade fan, shroud, hub and bolts for sale if anyone is interested. They look like new old stock with zero rust. I put in electric fans and I have no room to store this stuff for the next owner of my car. 

Don't list it I'll take it. I'll reach out in a couple of days to work out the details. Thanks

How do I get funds to you for this ? 

If you already have the edelbrock carb i would just get a rebuild kit and redo that carb
It is a slightly better carb so if there already take advantage of its better qualities
Edelbrock bought the rights to the Carter Carb and did make sight improvements to it including enlarging the carbs venturi to there liking
That is why the stock air cleaner no longer works
They are the - performance people

Write Russ a note on here -( he is here all the time ) and you can purchase an air cleaner spacer that he sells that will allow you to use the stock air cleaner with the Edelbrock and solve that issue for you
The engine looks very stock that way as you cannot see much of the E carb


Looks like you can get back in action with just the cost of an E carb rebuild kit
That does seem like the very best solution and the least amount of work to be done to me in your case - so a Win Win




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