I am installing  Sanderson Headers in a 1964 Deville. Cracked exhaust manifolds and no replacements out there. 

Ran into a major hurdle with the cast molded factory alternator bracket. Contacted Sanderson, their response was "No bracket and No intention of making one". Soooo... I am having made to the precise specs for a "Factory like fit and look".  Also will be attaching pictures of the install.

Right now the entire pass inner fender had to come out (or pull motor.... no.. no.. no..).

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Look forward to the innovation update.


Just noticed your from Tomball I'm in Spring do you ever go to the http://www.niftee50ees.com/home.html show?

Frank we go to the Niftee50's all the time... well the time that I get to!!, haven't had the caddy over there yet but very soon. I'm down to just the headers and exhaust and shes done for a lil' while. still needs need seat covers and a lil paint but, suspension wise she's brand new.

All new PST suspension (EVERYTHING) front and rear, Disk brake conversion (front) rear to come. New radiator,  new brake booster, New Steering box, Headers and exhaust and of course new tires and rims.

Ohhh and these Sanderson headers are a real bear to put in.... but I think its going to be worth it in the long run. Besides... cant get any original manifolds that aren't cracked!!!

Headers installed on driver side... needs to be heated and adjusted a little bit. A lil' close to the oil pan for my likes.... also a pic of the disk brake upgrade.


Whooooo hooooo bracket has been machined and test fitted, pass side headers go in tomorrow!!!! ohhh cant wait.

Looks like you are going to have a heat transfer problem ,with the exhaust heat ,heating the oil pan and the oil,due to the metal to metal contact there
Not a good idea to be heating the oil ,as it breaks down at a given temp
I think the exhaust is about 600 degrees ,and the high heat syn oils break down at 525 degrees
You could wrap the headers ,with header wrap ,but the tightness of this fit, concerns me
An external oil cooler ,could help keep your oil at a reasonable temp
If the engine is rebuilt ,the hot oil could cause internal damage
You gotta love what a good set of headers will do for an engines ability to increase performance by improving the engines ability to breath
Very interested in your header project for that reason
This looks like it is not a plug and play kind of thing

Plug and play its not... Pass side inner fender well had to come out, Steering gear box had to come out, engine had to be lifted slightly... Not for the beginner. But now they are in and fit well.  The heat issue will be addressed at the muffler shop. The collectors are going to be heated up and bent out a lil' bit. And I'm going to wrap the collectors.

If I had to do it all over again... would pass.  Now with that being said they look good and I believe they will work great.

Keep ya'll posted

P.S. the bracket I have fabbed works great just like a factory fir and sturdy as hell. Will be available for purchase if anyone needs one.

How much are you looking for the Bracket you have made? and do you know if it will work for the 1963 cad 390? Im interested. thanks

im interested in one too!

i was looking at going with the sanderson headers as well but saw that the bracket wasn't there. Im very interested in seeing what you come up with. 

New pictures of 64... exhaust finished dueled from Sanders headers back, with classy subtle chrome turn downs.

use a quite style muffler... nice and quite going down the road.




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