Just signed up here, but already have a first question.

I spent some time decoding the VIN and especially body tag info on my 64 DeVille, but I have remained with one mystery. 

My DeVille has Trim code 49, which I cannot find anywhere. All the sources I have found so far define codes 40 thru 48. By looks my Cadillacs interior looks like code 40: black cloth with white leather bolsters, which correlates to the matador red exterior.

Does anyone know of an explanation?

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IS there an SO on the right... cannot see the entire tag. Could have been a special order. Trim 49 is not a standard trim for the 1964 6357 body style per the specification book. Below is a scan  of the sheet. Click to enlarge.

Hi Jason, thanks for the reply. I found exactly that page in the GM heritage library but it deepened my questions :)

Here is the full tag :

Hi Stijn,

Your car has an interesting body plate. It identifies the car as a 64 model (64-6357) but if you notice in the left corner, the car was build in the second week of June (06B). It could be that this car was build in 1963 which does have the trim code 49 for that year which is "Rose Cambria cloth and Rose leather" which is a color option for the 63-6329, 39, 57, 89 models. As Jason said it could be a special order seeing that this trim code was only available for the 1963 models. 

Hi Clifford. Thanks for your insight! It's weird huh?

I was eyeballing other model or year codes too, but nothing really makes sense.

Heres a view of the interior :

For the 1963 to 1964 production year, 1963 Model year Cadillacs were produced through July 1963, no cars were produced in August 1963 while they stopped for retooling, and 1964 production model year car production started in September 1963.  This is not a June 1963 produced car but a June 1964. The body style production # on the Body ID tage states 33,592 which is consistent with the  June 1964 time frame. This car, as Clifford originally indicated was built 2nd week June 1964. 

Just fyi. A handy book for those that want to drill down into the production details are the Annual Ward's Annual Automotive Yearbook which collects tons of info like this. 
For example  Here are some stats for the June 1963 to Oct 1964 Cadillac Production totals.

June 1963 - 13,560
July 1963 - 13,864
August 1963 - 0
September 1963 - 8,861
Oct 1963 - 17,189

My guess is that your car doesn't have the original interior.

On your body plate its printed: ACC EYBV

From the Help section on this site you will find the Body Name Plate. On that page you will se:

ACC = Accessories

E = soft ray tinted glass

Y = 6 way power seat adjusters

B = rear window defogger

V = front seat belts

Now when looking on the picture of your interior its obvious that your front seat does not have a 6 way power seat.

Also look on the non-standard leather upholstery text, from Jasons picture above.

Unfortunately I do not own a 1964 Dealer Data Book so I am reading what Jason has provided here on this site. And I can't seem to find that particular page. Maybe that page could give you some additional information.

Anders, not sure how you can determine there are no 6 way power seat adjusters unless there are some other pictures I have not seen. For the Coupe de Ville, the 6 way switch would be up on the arm rest switch plate, not on the lower seat trim as found in the Series 62.
Page 70 in the spec manual lists special leather interior codes, where all are seat inserts are leather (Stijn's is obviously fabric), and there are a few additional trim codes but none or 49.

That looks like the standard 40 interior and my guess is the Body Name (ID) Plate simply has  a mis-stamp.

In my current 1964 Series 62 the control is placed on the left side of the seat. In my 1966 DeVille Convertible the control was placed in the same position. I didn't know that there was a separate position for 1964 DeVille as I never owned one.

I can see the point having it on the arm rest from a customer point of view. But having all cables go through the door, constantly being exposed to bending will create problems. Controlling the seat at the seat will reduce current and cabling. I guess that's the reason why the control is placed on the seat in later years.

Never seen the spec manual so don't know whats in it. Just picked up page 70 from your picture and hoping it could shed some light.

Cadillac being the top of the line in the 60's I would be surprised that a mis-stamp could have happen. Its of course possible but should have been picked up. Are there any other cars with a known incorrect/mis-stamped Body Plate?

Hi everyone. Sorry for the slow reply, I've been consumed with work pretty much all January.
Well, the good news is the car passed registration tech and document check, so it's now officially registered in my name in Europe.

Back to the mysterious body plate, I'm still in the dark. I just can't figure it out.

The option codes make sense and correlate to the car by the way, it has all the options stamped and yes the seat adjusters are in the door arm rest.

Anyone have any more ideas about this code? I love a good mystery but only if it's solved in the end :)



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