Hi all, 

Could you please post some pics if you have lowered your car using a 2 inch lowered coil.


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If your going to carry a load in the trunk or have passengers in the back seat install air shocks while your at it. I put in jamco 2 inch drop springs and will bottom out if I'm not careful and that's by myself. The rear jamco springs were 5 inches shorter than my springs I took out. You can not lift the car by the frame or they will fall out of the seats.

Thanks Clovis

Damian, check the recent post on fitting air bags. You can find it under Help or scroll down in the Dashboard. 

Air bags are a much better choice.

I would like to add that I really like the look and stance of my car dropped two inches. I replaced the rubber spring insulators at the same time as the rest of the suspension and i have a very quiet and silky ride. I will also be adding some spring keepers of my design at some point. I just haven't got around to it. You could also go the inner spring air bag route instead of the air shocks. I havent made up my mind what I want as yet. I just wanted you to know the pros and cons. Air bags are ten times more money than springs and two weeks work compared to 4 hours for springs.

Treebeard; "we never say anything unless it is worth taking a long time to say"

Same goes with repairing and modifying a 63/64 Cadillac:

It's not worth doing anything unless it takes a long time and costs a lot of money.

(Treebeard is a character in the book "Two Towers" by JRR Tolkien)

Spring keepers?

Spring keepers help stop spring takers from removing them.

Spring takers, live in a place called Springfield where they plant them to grow other springs. Acres and acres of springs growing in the sunshine

Every year, when the springs are ready to be picked and taken to market, it always occurs during the same time frame. Its called spring. Never pick a spring during, summer winter or autumn, only spring.

Here endth thy lesson on springs.

I have to correct kevin, if you want 2 inch drop springs you need to get them in the winter. The growing season is much shorter.

Okay, I see the link and its pointed to some things to hold the springs in place. Wish it could be holding the spring longer but I guess summer has to arrive sometimes...

Anyways, the design of the suspension on our cars doesn't really need anything to keep the coil-springs in position. There are some rubbers to avoid metal friction but that rubber should be replaced when replacing the springs anyways. So why would you need "spring keepers" (not the fantasy stuff Kevin dreams of)? And how would you fit these "keepers" on the control links and suspension bars?

Because the lower springs are so much shorter, when you jack the car up under the body, the springs can topple to the side a bit and then when lowered again, the spring isn't sitting correctly.

A good example, would be using the bumper jack for a flat tyre. The car is on an angle, the spring moves and its a problem.

I've just left the standard coils in mine and its dropped maybe 3/4 of an inch over the last 53 years anyway.  



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