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The 64  4 window sedan really turned out as good as it gets for a car that has been sitting idle for such a long period of time 

It looks great  runs good and most everything seems to be working ( how lucky can you get ) 

A great find for this gentleman who is now the proud owner of a Classic 64 Antique Cadillac for the fun they add to your entire existence

I always enjoy the stuff you post

Hope you are enjoying your special 64 Eldo

Enjoy and Stay Safe my friend  

Tony, thanks. Same to you.

What a great find. Next time I'm in Edmonton I'll drop by this guys shop and see what happened to the car. And those bloody Alberta squirrels are really a problem. We all make the mistake of calling them pine cones but we have mostly spruce trees. My daughter parks her Jimmy in the backyard here and one morning it wouldn't start. I looked under the hood and the squirrel that my wife thinks is cute had packed cones so tightly around the intake manifold that he had cracked the throttle open far enough that the engine wouldn't start! The last time I changed the air filter he had packed the air box full. I ended up putting a screen over the snorkel. Should also mention he had reserved a special place above the heater box for crab apples. Industrious little bugger.

Thanks for sharing the video.

Here's what happened 30 days later. Hope he still has it 

Kurt, just finished watching that video too. I like that he took the last owner for a drive in it after cleaning it up. He really did find a diamond in the rough.

It's hard to kill an old Cadillac. Sort or reminded me of my 1st parts car. Hurricane Fran had put a tree across the roof in 1996, I bought in 1997, had water standing in the floor a few inches deep, branches in the floor, windshield busted out, and owner said he thought it was crank but wasn't sure. We go it home, topped off fluids, put a battery in it, and sprayed starting fluid into carb and it fired right up... and everything worked. Seats worked crushing thru branches, windows worked, radio worked, even wipers worked flopping back and forth across busted windshield.   These cars were truly well built. for anyone interested I included an in-depth story about that 1st parts car in our September 2017 Newsletter.



I do always enjoy the pictures you post in the early days of your quest especially driving the car with all the parts off with Dad or family visiting ( across the street in the parking lot ) 

A great father son life  bonding experience that is  very special to you I know 

You both have very good taste in CARS !   I will add 
Glad you chose the same brand Classic Antique Cadillac  —-to keep forever— as I did —as this site is as good as it gets if you need info on the subject 

You single handedly have made owning a 50’s plus year old great Cadillac  so very much easier to do than it would ever be otherwise  due to the sheer passion you have for the subject 

Take a Bow ——my friend  Your very many  many talents make this the great place it is 


Rock on my friend 

Do you believe how good that 64 looks after just being cleaned off - I can’t 

What a score especially if he didn’t pay much for it 

This popped up on YouTube yesterday. Looks like he's still got the 64 and uses it regularly.

I watched that last night. Man, did he ever cram a lot of stuff in that thing! Glad to see he is still driving it regularly. What a great car. 



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