Hey guys I'm another new guy here I'm sure I'll be asking lots of questions as I can't find a ton of info out there on any of the other Cadillac sites. This site has so much amazing info if I missed a post about this just let me know. I have a 64 75 Series Limo that I am building. The original 429 is done cracked piston and has been sitting with the head off of it for a few years. I have a 76 500 that I'm currently building to drop down into the car. I found one write up about installing a neWer motor into a 63/64 car... but the info was very vague and definitely had no information about the commercial series chassis. I know I need to find a new work th 400 to go with this motor sincere or no adapters available for my older Hydramatic . I also read that I need to find a front driveshaft piece from a 65 limo to make my combo work. does anyone else have any information about what all is needed for the swap. I am one of those guys that likes to have all my research done before I attempt something. I have two welders and a garage full of tools to get the job done just trying to get some pointers in the right direction!

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sorry about some of the spelling errors I'm trying to do this on my phone, which is on its last legs haha
Not much swap info available on your model ride
It will always be the easiest to install a 429 ,so that all systems work as they were designed
Not all 429 engines will fit ,due to frame changes that take place in newer years
The engines timing plate is on the opposite side of the 64 ,in 65and 66 ,due to the frame redesign
Well the the cost of rebuilding the 429 and the availability of parts for that motor has kind of swayed me away. This is not going to be a restoration more of a custom build. I plan on driving this car to multiple states going to shows. so dependability and availability of parts is a huge deal... Therefore the reason I decided to go with the 500 swap. I have less than $200 is invested in this 500 with less than 60 K on it
Since the commercial chassis use the X Frame Up To 65 I kind of think a lot of the info should be the same as this write-up am I correct?

Saw the video and that is one hell of a job to do
So many thing need changing
This looks only good for the mechanic being paid to do that much alteration
Looks real expensive ,time consuming and you are limiting your market ,when it's time to part with the car
I do not see a good return for your time and money ,with this scenario
If you are going full resto mod ,and doing shows ,do enjoy yourself with your project
Then I get it

Not sure what tranny you had in the 65 limo, but I have a 64 limo drive shaft.  The 65 was effectively the same car, body wise. Not sure on the engine.

As noted on our Driveshaft Help page at

the 1965 75 series front drive shaft section is longer than the 1964 75 series front driveshaft section since it used the shorter Turbo Hydramatic in 1965 75 series body styles. I have parted out one 1965 75 series and had that super long 75 series front section and still have it.

Looking at the picture below the 1964 75 series front section is approx. 45 1/8" tip to tip, while the 1965 75 series front section is 2" longer at approx. 47 1/8" tip to tip.

If interested the 1965 front section is for sale for $75 + s/h. Email me at jasonedge@nc.rr.com if you think this is something you need. I also have 3 1964 75 series front section but sounds like Russ has that item if you need it.

Here is the picture:

if your 64 is a factory th400 car than that is the drive shaft I need... Tony I really appreciate your enthusiasm on keeping Tthe car original... unfortunately it has been hacked by many owners over the years. fabrication and custom work is my thing. I traded my bagged body dropped and suicided Toyota truck for this project a few years ago.... this car will be laying flat on the ground before I'm done with it as well.
Jason... as soon as I can get some money together I am very interested in grabbing that drive shaft from you. you seem to have all the goodies I will definitely be trying to order some stuff from you in the future as well

Shorty, Me, Russ and a few others sell parts on the side and am always glad to help out when I have something. I saw this message thread and thought I better pop in as I've had this front section for some time and knew it was longer than the 64 version. Anyway, just shoot me and email when ready.  The thing about an item like this is there is not a huge demand for them, but the for the few that need them they are hard to find.

that's awesome man I can see from your other post you got lots of good stuff... and I am going to need lots of it lol. Do you have much for a limo specific parts
From what I have read it says I need the front piece from the 65 driveshaft like mentioned but my question is what length turbo 400 trans do I need... . I read that the extra long length ones used in the 472 500 cars are too long and puts the tail shaft back into the X Frame... but supposedly the turbo 400 is shorter than the old hydramatic that was in there , therefore the reason behind using a 65 front drive shaft. I have a long shaft Chevy th400 that I was planning on rebuilding and running the adapter but if it's not going to work with this drive shaft I might rethink my options



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