Hi Folks,

I'm in the process of rebuilding the 390. It's going slow mostly because the previous owner didn't do a good job of labeling bolts, nuts, etc. when they disassembled the engine, not to mention the number of fasteners that are missing!

Question: Does my engine have an oil slinger or a windage tray? I looked at Jason Edge's engine rebuild photos and it appears that the answer is no for both but I don't want to button things up until I know for sure.



A photo of my buddy Bruce helping with the build.

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Never heard of any of them, but English is not my native language. So had to search for it and this is what showed up:

Windage tray

Oil slinger

Apologies Anders. They are common terms for Buicks and Chevys but maybe not Cadillacs.

I didn't have an oil slinger or windage tray in my engine parts lot so I was wondering if the previous owner misplaced them or if the engine doesn't use them. It appears that the engine doesn't use them but I would like confirmation before proceeding with my build.



Hi Chris, i reckon it would be a NO mate. My 429 (64) never had one when I rebuilt that.

Windage Trays are more suited to the high performance stuff... drag cars, roundy roundy's, that sort of thing.

As far as a slinger goes, i'm buggered if I can remember, but I don't seem to be able to recall seeing one on ours. Jason or Russ would be able to say for sure.

Thanks Kevin,

That's my hunch as well but Caddy's are new to me so the last thing I want to do is pooch my rebuild!

Oil slingers are usually used on engines with no oil pump aren't they?

No. My two Buicks had oil slingers on them and they both had the same oil pump as the 390.

Slingers can be different things.

Some engines have a largish tin washer arrangement that slips over the keyway on the crack to stop the seal being engulfed with oil from splash. More like a splash guard I guess.

Some engines, rather than having real main seal, have a grooved arrangement on the rear main assembly that sort of drives the oil back into the engine. (bit hard to explain really)

I remember, i think, a 1972 Roller has an oil slinger rather than a rear main seal.

Everything these days would run a seal though.  

Yes, it's the largish tin washer that I'm referring to. As you said, it keeps oil away from the timing cover seal.

So it sounds like the 390 does not have an oil slinger or windage tray, correct?

Ahhhhhh I was thinking a slinger like the crankshaft of a lawnmower engine. Slings the oil around. Yes I now remember seeing them behind seals in other environments. 

You have great memory Kevin. As I owned a 1972 Rolls-Royce (sold last year) and still have the shop manual in my bookshelf I of course had to look it up. (Never ever parts with my shop manuals)

The English call it a Flinger and it does seem to mean "device, mounted on a rotating shaft, for throwing lubricant onto a bearing or keeping grit out of a bearing by centrifugal force".

I didn't have to take my RR engine apart so not sure how it did look inside, but reading the manual is enlightening. Look on the words Sludge Trap.

Waaaay back when I was a mechanic, I specialized in Rolls, Jags, Mercs, Fiat... all the crap really.

I had a customer who went to Rolls in England while on holiday and bought a rear main seal for me to fit. We pulled the gearbox, because you can gain access by going up the other way..... I knew a girl like that once. :-)

Anyway, we pulled it down and it had a slinger/flinger and the seal was for the next model. So, we took the alloy housing it had, bogged/bondo'd it up and sent it down the foundry and had a piece cast for it and fitted the genuine seal to an alloy housing that I engraved my initials in.

I was sure it was a 72 roller, but the more I thought about it this morning, the more it came back to me. So did those friggin stooopid ride levelling dodats they had in the back.... weren't they a pain in the arse to rebuild.

The 64 has a tray in the bottom of the oil pan to keep oil from climbing up onto the crank on hard acceleration.



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