Looking for a replacement mine has a hole in it. Does anyone sell a new reproduction? Or is this somthing I will have to find used

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You will have to find a used one of the driver side exhaust manifolds

Some of the part supplies on here may be able to help when they come along 

A good number of years ago I found mine in Hemmings Motor News 

A salvage yard in Arizona 


You may just have an exhaust gasket leaking making it sound like you have a crack or hole in the exhaust manifold so check that out 

They can be welded If the metal  stock is not to thin from age and use depending on the damage location 

Removing the old one without breaking the bolts in the head is the challenge with replacing an exhaust manifold with the engine in the car 


Brian, do you see the actual hole in the manifold?

I can see the crack.

I used 

House of Manifolds

(760) 598-1210

2293 S Santa Fe Ave

Vista, CA 92083

I also did NOT have a set of headers made for the car, but in some ways I wish I had.  A little extra Horse Power never hurt and the stock manifolds are restrictive

Thank you for the replies. I can see the crack once a flash light is shined on the manifold.


It has  been suggested on this site a number of times to bring the new used intake manifold to a machine shop to have them be sure the surface is as flat as it SB so it matches up to the head exactly flat

That could avoid future issues with the new gaskets sealing as they should be and not blowing out 

Some metal warpage is possible with exhaust manifolds 

Glass is flat so laying it on glass should indicate how flat the part is 

If at all possible cleaning the bolt threads with a tap so that you can get a correct torque reading —-if either of those two things can be done with the engine in the car 

That can always be done with the engine out 

The cars frame is the issue being in the way of the bolts 

The engine can be jacked up a bit with a 2x4 across the oil pan 

Just take the slack out of the slight travel in the motor mounts —is all 

Removing the tire and inner wheel well helps get to the bolts

In the search engine —-on the top right of the home page has a tread by Jason Edge that will help with tips for the manifolds removal ( the hard part of the job ) 




Go to the —Help — section in the header

Scroll down to - - Exhaust Manifold ( removal ) 

A lot of good tips there to help get that done 

Disregard the search engine note in the prior post of mine 




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