My AC blower has been making a little noise on and off. I thought, it might have been a bit of leaf litter in there until today.

I think I have a bearing in the blower motor going to lunch. I'll have a read up on the good book tonight for the removal instructions etc.

Anything I should be aware of before I start ripping out stuff and throwing it all on the floor. LOL :-)

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With Tony's sense of humour, its a wonder Ginny hasn't turned Tony into an angel.

Now that's funny!

So imagine ---what would happen if i didn't ---Love You Guys !!!


Hey, now this is pretty interesting.

Lets go back just over a year ago: My A/C guy was gassing me up and asked for full fan speed. I replied, that is full fan speed and we gassed away. I've never owned a 64 Cadillac before and quite frankly, while it wasn't mind blowing, it was working ok-ish.

Then a while back, on a really stinker of a hot day, I found if I flipped the quarter vent windows open, it gave a bit more flow through speed.

Then, around 2 or 3 months ago, the blower fan would make a slight noise, like it had a leaf stuck in there that would foul on the fan once and a while. It was getting a little more pronounced over the last couple of weeks until yesterday, when I thought it had collapsed a bearing.

I took the Fleetwood for a short, maybe 3 or 4 mile drive just now, and it has way more air flow than before. I can't help but think, the fan has been slipping on the shaft for a while, until it finally got really loose and started making a God Damn racket.

I'm feeling pretty chuffed now.

Hey Tony, tell Ginny, I know a really good way she can bump you off and it will look like an accident. 

Kevin, are you now talking about Jason's bank shaft and Ginny pushing Tony into it?

Kevin, pull your glovebox out and and check that the power servo arm is at full a/c position. If you have a slight vacuum leak at the transducer it will allow the system to go into low fan speed and not full fan speed. It will also allow the heat to partially come on to balance the system. Even though the controller at the driver is calling for full a/c. This is all caused by a slight leak of vacuum to the power servo past the transducer. 

I'm fairly sure I've got full fan speed now, but I will check it this morning. Thanks Clovis.

Ha ha ha Anders, you might just be on to something there.


First look with almost everything on the ‘64 is go over vacuum lines- starting with the long one that feeds from the reserve tank to the control unit behind the glove box. For a 2 dollar piece of hose you might save yourself a weekend of unnecessary work. 

Nobody expected these cars to be around this long and not to get driven every few days. 

Best way to keep your beautiful Fleetwood in ship shape is to drive it.  


You are forgetting i am the one who is related to the Mafia families
Not just any Mafia family but the one that runs the whole show
Bada Boom Bada Bing --LOL !

So your suggestion for Ginny would not hold up well around here
I might have to contast my Austraiia branch if you keep it up -- PMSL !


Tony, the MAFIA will have no chance when they go up against an Aussie who's as mad as a cut snake.

Bring it on I say, bring it on. LOL

Now thats funny !!! --And a big part of why i can ENJOY myself as much as i do


Anyone have a schematic for vaccum lines?



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