We are reconstructing the front split seat, with armrest, for our 64 convertible. We are starting with the metal frame/springs. Anyone have photos/details on the foam /cushion material to get a good shape etc as the base for the new upholstery? Also reconstructing the rear seats as well so any info for them would be helpful as well.

We have the actual finish upholstery being made now.


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Sorry i can't help much Tom. I had my seat redone by a shop. They had to rebuild my foam and burlap also. It turned out very good but if I had the car longer before getting it done I would have looked into doing more with the springs or cushions. They are not the best for long distance driving. When I service my seat tracks and power seat mechanism I will probably look at the support then. There is some excellent posts in the help section regrading servicing the power seat mechanism. 

Thanks, Will check out the posts for the mechanisms when we get there. Ours is a 6 way power mechanism  that had been set up with NON center armrest front seat. Will be moving that 6 way  base setup to under the correct front seat, with the center armrest, I now have to use.

Would like to transfer 6 way seat control to the door panel as i already have a door panel with the 6 way switch mechanism . Do you know if there is a separate wiring harness that runs from the door mechanism to the front seat? or will i find the wires there when we get the door panel off the door?

You may find the wiring harness from the door panel under the seat. Get down there and have a look around with a flashlight. If the seat without the arm rest was controlled by a switch on the seat then all they would have had to do was run a power wire to it. Your wiring harness from the door wouldn't have supplied any power so they would need to run a separate line. The old plug may just be laying on the floor and you can reconnect it and use door controls. Hoping for that anyways lol.

Rereading your post do you have a door seat switch currently installed? Or a spare one you want to install? Does the new seat have a switch on it?


The seat 6 way seat switch mechanism is currently installed on the left side of the INCORRECT seat . I will be reusing the 6 way track/motor etc mechanism under a correct seat with the armrest.

The existing door panel does NOT have a seat control switch- it only controls the windows. BUT-this car was originally made with the 6 way seat option.

  So I have two options to consider, do I set this up with the 6 way controls on the door (I have a 6 way switch I could use there) Or leave it in the side of the seat?

The new(replacing) seat does NOT have a switch on it so we can go either way

From the factory the 1964 convertible, both the 6267 de Ville Convertible, and 6367 Eldorado Convertible, would have had the power seat switch in the arm rest switch panel.
Just fyi, from the factory the 1964 Series 62 Coupe and Sedans, had the seat switch on the seat bottom left metal trim.  The door panels and switch setup on the Series 62 was completely different from the deVilles, using small isolated switch pods mounted to the door pane for the window switch in front of the short isolated arm rest behind the door release handle.  
From the last reply it sounds like you have the original door panels and arm switch panel and a 6 way seat switch to go back in the switch panel? If that is the case it would be a no brainer... seat switch from the the door arm rest control as it was from the factory. If you no longer have the correct 2 piece deVille power seat harness, I do have as indicated. 


Outstanding.-- In that case I will definitely set this car up with the 6 way seat controlled from the door panel switch setup-- now to see what is left in the car and if I need the harness and/or the lower seat trim -solid  I know you have them.

PS. Just for your info, whoever setup this Scarface version used that series 62  setup probably from a 1963 coupe and welded one to the door itself !


Tom, The power seat wiring harness on deVilles/Fleetwoods is a 2 piece harness and is very different from the one piece Series 62 lower seat trim mounted seat switches.  It runs from the arm rest switch plate, thru the door to body rubber conduit, down behind the driver kick panel, into a thick rigid plastic body feed conduit under the door seal plate, T's off toward the seat toward front of seat, runs under carpet and tot he seat. On the Series 62 seats you only have power running over to the seat harness, as the harness itself is one piece and confined to LH side of the seat from switch in lower left metal bench seat trim, to relay, motor and transmission.  

I have the  deville/Fleetwood style 2 piece door wiring harness in very nice condition, no breaks in the wiring (which are common as it goes through the door grommet) for $35 and can ship 2 to 3 day Priority in USA for $7 for a total of $42.  If interested email me at jasonedge@nc.rr.com.
Below is a picture of the complete 2 piece harness. Ignore the circle around the connector! I'm sure I was pointing something out to someone and forgot to save the source pic.

Jason, Sending you an email for those harness' Got the front seat out of our 64 SATURDAY  and I see what you mean!


You can see pictures of the bottom of my bench seat in my 64 CDV in my Interior Project thread by Clicking Here then scrolling down a bit.

On my 64 convertible the wires run under the carpet to a power source just under the right side of the drivers seat at the front
The power switch is on the door at the front of the control pannel
Not sure if the wires come from under the entrance kick plate or from under the carpeted kick plate on the drivers side

Very often these motors can be cleaned of old hard gease and regreased to work again


I'm almost certain they run under the drivers sill plate. There is a channel under there for wiring.



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