OK, first things first.  After saying how good my battery was/is, it was flat as a pancake this morning.

Anyway, jump started Hannah and got her into the centre of the shed.

I've tipped the seat back and zip tied a car stand to it on each side so it doesn't fall on silly head.

Well... Well.. Well, some rough nut has already had a go at the seat. The back cable drives for the front and rear movement were disconnected, a good reason it wouldn't go forward or backwards.

Then I notice, the main base for the motor drive, gearbox etc is zip tied to the seat base.... rough pricks.

I've taken out the gearbox and the F and R drive is seized, so that's the next reason it didn't work.

I have a selection of old car nuts and bolts and found two matching bolts and remounted the main bracket back to the seat base for a start.

I've dropped off every cable drive one by one and 5 out of 6 are free and easy like me. One was bit like Anders, slightly tight, but movable..... LOL

Lots of WD40 and a cordless drill on a light setting with the cable mounted lengthwise to the floor. Its freeing up nicely. (it did turn already, just a bit tight)

Going to throw in the towel shortly and refit it all tomorrow..... hopefully with a sexy 6 way movement.

Oh, I need to suss out why the battery was dead too.

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The battery is dead because your recent wire repair. 

Don't worry my Swedish friend, i have thought of that. :-(

I even rang my sparkie mate and spoke to him about it. My power door locks now lock the passenger door. Nothing unlocks yet, but once I find the vacuum leak, i'll have those going properly soon too. I've found one leak so far.

Hey, provided I have 6 way seats tomorrow, i'm going to let my wife have a drive of the Fleetwood on the week-end.

I won't be going with her, i'll drive her mad.... i'll just bung her in and let her loose with it. I'll be crapping bricks the whole time, but she does need to be able to drive it, after all, we both own it.

I'll get her to drive around the property a bit to get used to the steering and brakes etc and when she's ready, she can plough out the front gate and "Let Loose" on the general public.


She should be a good Cadillac driver, as she is Scandinavian. And when she finally decides she had enough she can dump you in the trunk and drive you to the landfill.

We all know you married above your paygrade. My guess is that your beautiful wife has a Florens Nightingale personality. Caring for the disabled...    :-) 

Ha ha ha, everyone we know here reckons i'm punching way above my weight when I married Astrid. LOL PMSL.

Now it seems to have gone world wide.... who'd a thunk it?

I've got that last cable now, free as a bird.

7am start in the morning to refit the seat. These "Fancy Cars" are cool, you can swing the steering wheel up well out of the road while ya work on it.


If your clock is still working --and you have not been using the car that may be the cause of the battery running down
The clock is always running and drawing energy from the battery as it is alway working

Pull off the negative terminal when the car is not being used until you find the problem to keep the battery from being damaged

Just a reminder


Nah Tony, the clock has never worked. Not sure yet on why the battery went flat, but i'll find it.

Yabba Dabba Do..... we have operational 6 way power seats now. :-)

Love it when things do what they should.

I'll whip it into a sparkie later today or Monday to see if the car has a current draw or maybe the battery is all over red rover?

The power door locks will be next and because they work slightly, it should only be a vacuum issue.


Just a heads up --that the clocks in our cars are really built like no other car i have owned and have a serious working mechanism in them made by major clock works companies
The clock in my car ran keeping correct time for 42 years then i repaired the wire winding in it and it is back in the car working again now
I just had to fix it after it ran for that long
I did put an --on off switch on mine ( just splice it into the power line )
The clock no longer drains the battery being on all the time ( which really shortens battery life ) and it keeps the clock mechanism fresh and new at the same time
I Flip it on if showing the car ( a win win ) with correct time of day - WOW
When someone looks into my convertible and the clock is keeping the correct time -----it does Blow there Minds due to the cars age
Not something you see often in a 50 plus old year car
Thought you might enjoy that same response from people viewing your Fleetwood

The idea being that because the clock is such a very well built piece --it is worth the time ( get it ?) to get it to run and work because it will run Forever !
With it running correctly --it reinforces the quality materials that the builders of our cars were into in these days when viewed working

I would never suggest this of any other car i have owned as they usually would stop working in the first year of ownership

Just thought you might enjoy knowing the above about our year Cadillacs --clocks so you could deside for yourself if this is something you might enjoy having working correctly
Who else could possibly tell you this stuff --LOL !

Enjoy You Fancy Classy car owner ---Mate !!!


The Sicilians have a saying : Never --let anyone drive your car or your wife !
but it doesn't apply if its your wife that is the driver ---come to think of it --LOL!!


Had a sparkie check the current draw and all seems normal. I'm thinking I've left something on to flatten the battery. Stuffed if I know what though.

My clock doesn't work, but is still connected, so I may disconnect it if I think its an issue.

A good mate can get me a new battery if I need it, a 1,000cca sucker for $170.00 at his staff price.

If your battery was connected while you were working on the wire /seats, all those interior lights can drain the battery pretty fast if it's got a few years on it.

Trouble is Kurt, is was when I wanted to move it to do the work, not during.

I'm tempted to bung the new battery in during the week, but being a tight-arse, I don't want to spend the money if i don't have to.



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