OK, first things first.  After saying how good my battery was/is, it was flat as a pancake this morning.

Anyway, jump started Hannah and got her into the centre of the shed.

I've tipped the seat back and zip tied a car stand to it on each side so it doesn't fall on silly head.

Well... Well.. Well, some rough nut has already had a go at the seat. The back cable drives for the front and rear movement were disconnected, a good reason it wouldn't go forward or backwards.

Then I notice, the main base for the motor drive, gearbox etc is zip tied to the seat base.... rough pricks.

I've taken out the gearbox and the F and R drive is seized, so that's the next reason it didn't work.

I have a selection of old car nuts and bolts and found two matching bolts and remounted the main bracket back to the seat base for a start.

I've dropped off every cable drive one by one and 5 out of 6 are free and easy like me. One was bit like Anders, slightly tight, but movable..... LOL

Lots of WD40 and a cordless drill on a light setting with the cable mounted lengthwise to the floor. Its freeing up nicely. (it did turn already, just a bit tight)

Going to throw in the towel shortly and refit it all tomorrow..... hopefully with a sexy 6 way movement.

Oh, I need to suss out why the battery was dead too.

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Several lights could have been left on - trunk light, glove box light, courtesy lights (either from dash control or back of seat courtesy light switch), ignition switch left in on position and items such as radio were turned on, or non-factory wiring where something like the radio would stay on with ignition switch off. On the Almost 50 parts cars I have seen almost every conceivable non-factory wiring configuration! I would guess a light was left on... 

Oh man, that means I had a "Seniors moment".

Hey Jason, thanks for the part for the repair. Between you and Russ and the others on here, you know you are getting good parts, as opposed to the general public where you have to disassemble everything to make sure it works. 

A couple of pictures of while I was getting it sorted.

oh, and one more I forgot.

Very nice interior Keven. I like the colour also. Has it been redone or parts of it like mine? I see you also have the steel rear door hinge shields, mine were originally plastic and were long gone. I got a nice set of steel one from Jason. The doors shut much nicer with the shields in place. 

You may or may not have vacuum leaks at the door locks but it could also be old lubricant at all the joints making it harder to lock and unlock the doors. It's on the list for my 77 wagon to clean and relube the locking mechanisms. 

My interior is still the original leather, but the Drexel cloth was replaced prior to our buying the car. Yeah, the locks I think, might wait until its a tad cooler to work on it. (41c due wed.)

I love the trim colour, it was a big tick when looking for a Cadillac to buy.

The battery seems fine now too. I've driven Hannah a few times in the last two days and it works a treat. I'd love to know what I did or didn't do to flatten the battery.  

Over the week-end, we used the Fleetwood a bit, with some short trips, so plenty of chances for the battery to play up if it was suspect.

Worked fine, every time.... so it was my fault it would appear, that it went flat the other day.

The thing that really burns my bum, is, I have no friggin idea what I left on to cause it.

Got me beat..... :-(

Cadillacs-- Body by Fisher - was the top coach builder in America

The Chrysler corp made very great drivetrains as a rule but there coach work was not as well done as the quality that went into Cadillacs especially from 62-64
They built the first- Hemi head engines --that went into passenger cars in America
Some of there race engines are still legendary as is there 300 series cars for there time slot

My Grandfather had a Hemi in his new 1956 Chrysler New Yorker that he drove out to California ( from NY ) doing 100 MPH accross the Navada desert with no problem at all that long ago

During these times some people felt the Cadillac image was just --much to FLASHY for there style or station in life
Many of those would buy Chryslers or other GM cars
The Chevys were some of the more popular cars
The Cadillac owner was immediatley recognized a a very successful acomplished person of wealth
Cadillacs cost more than twice what a chevy did in those years
The car tuned heads because many wanted to own there own Cadillac and wished they could afford one
Often people who could afford to own any car did not choose to own a Cadillac as it was just to --Flashy a style and statement for them
You have to enjoy the attention our year cars draw to you especially as Classic Antique Cadillacs 50 plus years old




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