Hi all,

So I put new axle bearings on my 64 SDV, took for a drive and rumbling sound was worse that before and bearing was leaking.

Question: Is there supposed to be an oil seal between axle housing and bearing. ?

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Hey Anders,

Yeah I have emailed Rockford as website says out of stock. Will look into the others.

Thanks Mate.

Hi Chris, I see you are in NZ. Almost an outer suburb of Australia, being just across the ditch. American Auto Parts in Ballarat Victoria is my first port of call for good quality parts. With Covid19, most of Vic is in shutdown, so not sure what the go is there.

If it was me, i'd have the car up on 4 stands or even more stands and in its "on road" suspension setting. Make sure the friggin thing is solid.

Get someone to run the car in gear while on the jack stands.

Either use a stethoscope or a long screw driver with the handle against you ear and have a listen.

By placing the scope on the diff housing where the bearing runs, NEAR where the pinion yoke is and the centre bearing of the tailshaft, you can either find the problem or eliminate parts as being the culprit.

No sense replacing shit that isn't broken yet. Try and find the source of the problem, then just fix that.

I don't get too involved in problems and internet fixes, as its hard to diagnose a problem from another country.

Be careful you don't take to the car and just start replacing parts willy nilly and having no success..... bit like throwing mud at a wall huh.

Like myself, Anders is very hands on and knows what he's doing.

On the internet you have to try and decipher, who knows what they are talking about and who doesn't have a friggin clue..... those folks are costly.

Good luck..... Kev 

OH, make sure you have no loose clothing on and be friggin careful around the tailshaft or you end up with a Wile E Coyote moment when ya long sleeve flanny gets wound around the tailshaft.

Hey Kevin,

Thanks for all your information, will give it a go while wearing a short sleeve top haha.



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