I've got a traveller's fuel tank that the original owner had installed to use on long vacation trips. He disconnected it at some point because of carb problems. I was looking to see if it could be hooked back up and when I got down on the grass I glanced inside the exhaust pipe. To my amazement there was a mesh screen with holes slightly smaller than 3/16" welded in there. This is an original factory exhaust system so it's been there since new. I got a hammer and chisel and I was able to break the weld to get it out. Once removed I found another one 2 inches further in. Unbelievable, I can not for the life of me think of why Ford thought this was a better idea. There was also flakes of metal pushed against the inner screen causing more back pressure. Once removed I fired up the wagon and it was instantly better. Throttle response and engine sound much much better. Unreal! The engine was no louder as a result the screen removal. The engine always sounded like it was weasing and now I know why.

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Since there is nothing else going on here I'll post some more progress with my wagon. Its not a Cadillac but it is ride engineered by Lincoln. Gave it a tune up with new plugs, rotor, cap, air and oil filter and oil change, greased up the front end and u-joints. Put in a new auxiliary fuel tank diverter valve with two new filters before the valve. I had to use Tony's JB weld trick to reattach the fuel filler neck on the auxiliary tank. It broke of while trying to remove it. Still couldn't get tank out but with the neck broke off I was able to look inside and saw a perfectly clean inside. JB weld worked perfectly Thanks to Tony. Filled it up with fuel it held 80 liters. Unfortunately the gage isn't working so tomorrow's jobs are to try and fix the guage, fix a fluid leak at my trailer brake actuator and the bleed the brakes. At that point all I'll need to do is check tire pressure and I will be ready to head out on a five hour trip north to pick up a 2009 mini cooper clubman S. I will be renting a uhaul trailer to bring it back.

Soooo... I know this is a Cadillac site but I'm bored and Tony is nowhere to be found. 

Soooo again let's talk about my WAGON! Tony you know you love old wagons!!! Well I used some more of Tony's wisdom and sage advice and bought a dollar store Turkey baster. I needed get that old brake fluid out of my system so I used his advice, I can say that was the best two bucks I've ever spent. My nephew was helping me bleed the brakes and he laughed his ass off when he saw me using it. When I showed him all the junk it sucked out of the master cylinder he was sold. Thanks for the tip you Italian stallion. 

I also bought a NOS napa brake controller that's works off the front brake hydraulics. Mine had a leak and I was able to get the old one repaired but I know its temporary. I flushed out most of the old brake fluid and as good as new.


Still working on that fuel tank also. Sending unit works but an arm had become unglued. Sort of like me. Anyway I was amazed at what they had used for a float when the built the tank. I'm trying to make one out of cork with the first attempt a total failure. Back to the drawing board tomorrow .

Here is the FACTORY float in the auxiliary fuel tank. 



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