Now, blame Tony for this, he got me thinking after talking about the mafia.

Any mafia, mobster, crime boss or hood, needs a suitable car. These guys often used 4 door hardtops.

This is my thoughts on a "Murdered Out Fleetwood."

Picture, if you will, a 64 Fleetwood (No mafia/crime-boss would be seen dead in a De Ville), so it has to be the Fleetwood. (Luxury plus)

First thing, would be a subtle 2 to 3 inch roof chop to punch that roofline down.

We'd need to shave the door handles, locks etc and use electronic poppers to open the car. We need to emphasize the bold flat sides of these big ol girls.

Of course, we're going black paint, a really wet look, shiny jet black bottom half with a contrasting satin black upper half. The prominent swage line of the car would see the colour split. As a throwback to the days of the razor gangs, we'll run a blood red pinstripe from the front leading edge to the finish of the front door. Here, we'll give the "bloodline" a nasty jagged slash as it jumps onto the rear door and follows the start of the fins to the rear. (maybe a bit of blood dripping around the tail lights)

Maybe, with the odd drip/run coming away from the swage line, sort of like a slashed throat look.

I'd be inclined to leave the current stainless and chrome trim, so as not to go too far with the black. 

The wheels, would need to no larger than 17's, satin black 5 spokes with a polished band to blend with the stainless trim mentioned above. Big wide whitewalls are a given.

The Fleetwood would have to be bagged for the lowered look and to compliment the roof chop.

The interior, to mimic the outside, would be classic Fleetwood fair, with black Drexel cloth and shiny jet black leather, to follow the gloss/satin theme. Maybe, use a blood red stitching through the whole interior.

The dash, is easy, just a black dash top with some blood dripping off the gauges and dials. I'm not sure here, but a deep blood red carpet on the floor would make it appear as blood is pooling in there.  You could go black carpet I guess, but I think maybe redish maroon for that dried blood look.

The drive line is easy, 429 cubic inches of Cadillac's finest, but with a sheet metal intake manifold to accept twin 4 barrel carbs. Back it up with a the ever reliable turbo 400, Cadillac diff and 3:36 diff gears.

The grill, I would leave alone, as the 64 has the nicest grille ever put in a car.

The rear end treatment, do some cutaways in the rear bar for a duel pipe set up, in the style of a shot gun each side, complete with sights above the twin outlet and tuck the pipes up into the cutouts in the rear bar.

With airbags, the car can be raised or lowered as required, would drive like a Cadillac should and would look just "pure evil" going down the road.

The final and finishing touch would the plates. MAFIA 1

What do ya reckon......     what would you change..... love it.... hate it.


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Love it, except the plate. The car should look, smell, feel mafia but no advert. 

Good point.

I forgot to mention, fairly dark tinted windows too.



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