A Couple of Questions for Jason and Russ (or anyone that knows.)

I've got some stuff coming from Rubber the Right Way, including the seat belt instructions tag.

Where is the correct place for it? Yes, Tony, Clovis and Anders, I know it goes on the friggin seat belt. LOL :-)  but which one?

Second thing is, the GM Heritage Centre has sent me my build sheet for free, as its scanned badly.

The outlet code, would be the dealership that sold it? The code is, 765019. "Help please"

We were order # 53 which matches the Chassis markings etc,so all good there and we were a 25th of March build date, which corresponds with the ID tag, it was a 4th week of March 64.

Our body # is 11624, so i'm assuming that means, of the 14,550 Fleetwood's built for that year, we were the 11,624th Fleetwood off the assembly line? 

Under the heading "Style", we are an "M" and the following car was the same. Does M code to Fleetwood?

I can make heads and tails out of most of it etc, but if the Gurus, Jason and Russ can help..... please.

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Mark is spot on, that's the one I have coming (Along with other stuff) for the seat belts.

I do need to check the belts now for the labels Russ was referring to.

Hey Clovis, what's your body number and i'll check it against my build sheet, just in case you're on it.... you never know, you could be lucky.

I've spoken with the heritage centre regarding the outlet codes, but no luck, as they say they have no reference to the code numbers.

Maybe its just me, but I love having the history of the cars life.

There are seat belt label tags on our - Seat and Seatbelt Illustrations and Pictures    Help Page. I will add a few more.
Here are a couple already on the Help Page:
64 Seat Belt Set March 26, 2011

64 Front Seat belt Set oct 23, 2011 (1)

1964 CDV Seat Belt Tag (2)

Have I got sticker on the air cleaner too low, I measured the position of the old one before we painted it months ago and it is where the old one was, but it seems a bit low to me? 

I also chased some information from Mr Tom Hall from the main CLC forum and I now know, our car was never sold in L.A., but was sold at this place and i'll quote what Tom sent me.

""For 1964 model year, 765019 represents Visalia Motor Sales, 212-214 East Acequia Street, Visalia, California. 
The business name and address are from a 1964 telephone directory.""

This makes perfect sense, as the 1st/original owner only lived 33.1 miles away. Geez, that bit really completes the entire history now, from day one to today.

That made me smile today......



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