A Couple of Questions for Jason and Russ (or anyone that knows.)

I've got some stuff coming from Rubber the Right Way, including the seat belt instructions tag.

Where is the correct place for it? Yes, Tony, Clovis and Anders, I know it goes on the friggin seat belt. LOL :-)  but which one?

Second thing is, the GM Heritage Centre has sent me my build sheet for free, as its scanned badly.

The outlet code, would be the dealership that sold it? The code is, 765019. "Help please"

We were order # 53 which matches the Chassis markings etc,so all good there and we were a 25th of March build date, which corresponds with the ID tag, it was a 4th week of March 64.

Our body # is 11624, so i'm assuming that means, of the 14,550 Fleetwood's built for that year, we were the 11,624th Fleetwood off the assembly line? 

Under the heading "Style", we are an "M" and the following car was the same. Does M code to Fleetwood?

I can make heads and tails out of most of it etc, but if the Gurus, Jason and Russ can help..... please.

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OK, looking through the "Help" section, I've found that yes, an M is a Fleetwood Sixty Special.

Its interesting too, another Fleetwood followed ours. OK, worked out the production # as well.

If anyone has a build date of 3D, i'm happy to see if you fall on this build sheet page.

There is two Sedan Deville's on the sheet, and the owners went nuts with the options.

Best of my knowledge the installation instructions are for you only and do not have a place in the cars interior
Best i can do on that
Yes your ID number is your number out of the 14,500 Fleetwoods built
Good that the number is later in production numbers giving the factory a good amount of time to get the details right closer to the end of production
The factory made some changes in 64 with certain bullitins that over ride the info stated in the original shop manual for the year
The comfort control system had updates at some point in the production year as an example


The tag is on the retractable part and on the other end.  I have a pic of the retractable part only. The other tag is close to the buckle on the floor.

thanks Russ.

I've been sussing out our build sheet and this morning, I looked to see, just for the hell of it, what model followed us off the assembly line.

OUR CAR: 1964 Cadillac Fleetwood, (106761) Aspen White, turquoise interior.

NEXT CAR: 1964 Cadillac Fleetwood, (106762) Aspen White, light blue interior. 

How friggin cool would it be to have a photo of those two cars, end to end coming off the assembly line, Man o man, I'd be prepared to sell off one of the wife's kidney to get that.

I bet the workers were double/triple checking those two build sheets going down the line.

Hey Russ.... or Jason.... or whoever...

With the seat belt tag, is it just tied on with string or something and which belt would it normally be attached to? Drivers seat belt or passenger side?

The tag is stiched on, and is on all the belts.

Arrrgghh, I only friggin ordered one..... now I've gotta get another 3 of the bloody things.

I love a couple of dollars for every time I have to order something twice

How's my extra calendar enjoying its stay in Arizona. :-) LOL.

Russ, he's not talking about that tag.  The tag they reproduce is a paper tag which gives instructions about how to use the seat belts. (remember seat belts then are a young technology and Cadillac had older consumers).   The tags would be tied with wire to the driver's belt latch when they were shipped, and removed by the consumer.  These are sold as repops, and used for shows or in collection pieces.  They weren't intended to stay on.

Here's a pic for reference:

I thought he was talking about the fabric label tags also! I have never seen any of these on any driver or parts cars. Interesting. Either way, I have loaded some more pictures showing the fabric production label tag on the belts.

That picture would be very cool Kev. Do the build sheets have where they were sold too? I don't have any history on my car other than what I got from the MTO when I transferred it into my name. History starts in 1990 that person sold it to the people I bought it from in  1997 and I bought it in March 2015

I just looked for seatbelt tags also. There are none for 64's other than the one Mark has posted. Maybe Kev found some from a different year?



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