I was just cleaning the inside AC/Heat air box from my latest parts car, a 1963 Cadillac and #50, and out fell an original key, 1951 wheat penny and Beatles Fan pin . How cool is that!

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Anders... probably only worth about 10 cents. Need to look for dimes, quarters, half-dollars and Silver Dollars made in 1964 and prior when they still had majority Silver content!  Just having some fun with ya... and no I will not post a link to the value of a 1966 dime! LOL.

Unless that is a real bad piccture of Ringo on the pin ( does not look like him at all )
That could be the original beatles band before Ringo joined the band
That might make it worth something to a collector of all things Beatles

I just love the band and a blast from the past for me
I have all there vynal albums bought when they were released


Oops --just saw Ringos name on the pin with a closer look


We had a mate back in the late 70's that bought an old Holden.

He was prancing around showing off all manner of things he was finding. A mate whipped a condom out of his pocket, raced inside the house, stuck a bit cream in it, knotted it threw it just under the front seat.

We'd been there for ages until he finally found it.... holy crap, what a commotion. He was cursing the previous owner to hell as he tried to get it out without touching it.

We were caking the shit on him pretty high too.... about 10 years later, we told him what we'd done.

We thought he would laugh.... he just didn't see the funny side of it. 

Found this cool JC Penney's tire warranty label from  January 30,1968 under the deck lid of parts car #50. Though it was pretty cool:

Wow Kev, that's quite a story. Well before your classy Fleetwood days I see. LOL!

Oh yeah, i'm very classy these days Kurt..... LOL

Some great stuff been found in cars.

I found a book of auto records in the glove box of the gold and white 64 Fleetwood I got a few months ago. It shows the engine rebuilt in 1987 at 68,541 miles for $7,000 that was big bucks in 87! Car has 97,000 on it now.

In my days of trolling the Southern California salvage yards I came across numerous interesting finds. Here are two of them:

I always looked for perfect steering wheels. In a 1973 Eldorado, the steering wheel had one of those hideous plastic perforated wraps.  Visible through some of the holes was something green and cream in color, even though the wheel was red. My salvage yard buddies told me the wheel was junk, and not to waste my time.  But I saw the unmistakable color of US currency.  I took a manicure scissors from my tool kit, and cut the lacing of the cover and peeled it back.  Wrapped around the steering wheel was a $100 bill! Not bad for a few minutes' effort.

In another Cadillac, a 1966 Sedan deVille, one of the front ash trays contained an interesting old watch, square in shape, with a marquetry dial. I wound it, and it worked for a few minutes.  I took it to a watchmaker to see if it could be repaired, and found out that it was a 1947-vintage Enicar swiss watch. When the watchmaker opened the back, under a bright light, the works were ablaze with ruby-red jewels. All it needed was cleaning and adjusting.  That was 18 years ago and it is still working today.

Ronnie and Charles, those were some cool finds.  $7K for a rebuild in $87, and someone wrapping Ben Franklins under the steering wheel wraps... these cars were owned by Hi Rollers! I am chuffed to just find a 1951 penny worth 15 cents!

I once found ----- a guy in the back seat -- after a wild party --LOL !!!!!!!!!!!




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