First of all, apologies if these things are obvious but I got the car in pieces so I'm trying to put the puzzle back together and it's not always obvious to me!

First question; I have cleaned and inspected the AC unit that mounts on the firewall but I need to get a drain hose and figure out where it is routed inside the passenger side fender. Is there a special drain hose or should I just find something flexible with the correct inside diameter? Can someone tell me how this hose is routed inside the passenger fender? I couldn't find an obvious drain for it.

Second question; I am considering replacing the wires coming out of the middle of the firewall. Is there anything special about these wires and connectors (i.e. unique to Cadillac) or can I replace them with the same colour/gauge wire and new connectors? 

Many thanks in advance for your input and patience with my questions!


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There is a short drain hose at the bottom of the evaporator.  It is a common Chevy part, so you should find it.  

The wires are common wires with the one exception of the coil resistor wire.  It is the length and gauge what is important to get the correct reduction in voltage. I have seen it before sold in a roll. Can't remember where though.

As Russ say the resistance wire is the special one. However if you plan to install a Pertronix Ignitor II or III you don't need the resistance wire and for Ignitor III the wire must be removed. Even if you plan on getting the car to factory specifications, consider at least using an electronic ignition. You can "hide" it so its not easily spotted. Its really worth it.

See Help for more information.

Direct links:

Pertronix Ignitor Ignition & Flamethrower I, II, and III Compar...

Pertronix Ignitor II and Flame Thrower II installation

Resistance wire removal or replacement

The website for Pertronix.

Also suggest that you split your questions. One question in one discussion is usually better. Sometimes one question can expand over 10 pages or more where people suggest and/or give advise. Two topics in the same thread makes it difficult to follow.

You can start as many discussions as you like. The more the merrier as it keeps the site interesting. The worst thing is when nobody is write anything for more than 24 hours. That's when our dear friend down south (not Florida, further away) wakes up and starts talking about invading the US....    ;-)

Your car looks very promising Chris. I would love to follow your rebuild in details and in pictures. Ask any and many questions. Jason & Russ are the gurus here, but some other guys pitch in as well.

Thank you Anders. Point taken!

I was going to do the small cap HEI conversion and some advanced curve work that's offered by a fellow named Dave:

Would you recommend this, or would it be better to go with the Petronix ignition system that you provided links to? I don't want to reinvent the wheel here.

I've built a couple of cars so far but I'm back to feeling like a newbie on this one!

Sorry can't help you on Daves system. If you trust him I don't see a problem.

Pertronix works and is used on a lot of our cars.

Based on your pictures so far, you are not a newbie. You will sort this easy.

Thanks Anders. The Petronix option would be a lot cheaper and if it's been done before, it sounds like a good way to go.

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I hope this photo lifts up ok. This is about 6 months after I sold it back in 94....

Nitrous 302 Windsor powered Datsun 1200.... OK, back to the main thread now.... :-)

Image result for v8 datsun 1200 burnout

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Source for the drain tube:

Old Air Products

1201 Forum Way

Fort Worth, TX 78140

Phone 817-531-2605

Part Number 21-5002 Drain Tube  $6.50

They have a web site also.

Hope this helps



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