Today's little project:
I've been trying to squeeze as much AC out of this system as I possibly can living here in South Florida. Sunday when I was washing my engine I noticed some air escaping from the blower motor housing. Today after work I removed the fan and made a foam gasket out of closed cell foam I got from Michael's craft store. No more leak, noticeably more air coming out of the vents.
I use my cell phone to take pictures of the bottom of it so I could tell what kind of screws we're holding it in, as well as when I reinstalled it.

PS I used clear tape to hold the gasket on to the fan for reinstall. You have to wrangle the fan back in position past the AC hose & spark plug wires, cold engine is best !

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Joe D 

Nice job finding the  AC air leak 

Can you indicate the increase  —in a percentage of the air flow you see happening

Sounds like enough of a difference to be  a noticeable increase

Has me  now wondering how much of the air travel under the dash could be leaking some air 

Important to be replacing all gaskets related to the air box when bringing the comfort control back to life  

Very glad you found a source to improve your AC air flow 

Should help others with the same problem


It's hard to say, but I would guesstimate about 5%

Joe D

Very glad you improved the  AC air flow which was your goal

Hope its improved enough to keep you more comfortable and that is saying a lot with the extreme temps you have in southern Florida this time of year 

That AC is working overtime where you are 

Like to know your thoughts once you live with your  repair  a bit to see if it did the trick for you


As another measure I've considered having the windows tinted. But I'm afraid it will take away from the clean look of the car which I love.

I had my fan motor out a couple of years back. (bit awkward to do huh Joe)

I had a rattle in mine, which turned out to be the main fan separating from the centre hub.

I re-knurled the two together again, and it did increase our blower effect coming out of the vents. I'd forgotten about until now. Its been whisper quiet and working fine ever since.

Tinted windows are only permissible of the most elite of Cadillac's, something like a.... lets say........ a Cadillac Fleetwood Sixty Special. LOL :-)

You see, those of us, (the rich and famous) who own such high end cars, don't want the peasants gawking at us as we drive along. But rest assured, it seems the owners (Rednecks) of the lesser quality and shall we say, the common Cadillac's, don't seem to mind who looks at them.

Its quite sad, its as if they want to be looked at..... the poor souls.   

Hmmmm, Fleetwood, when only the best will do.

#1 yes it's a very tight and awkward place to work, specially upside down and if your engine is hot.

#2 I'm disinclined to acquiesce to your description of a Coupe DeVille. Normally I don't make assumptions about people I've never met, but at the risk of offending you I'm going to go ahead and assume that your eyes are brown.

Only joking Joe..... t'was only joking.

I'm a fairly large bloke, the fan was a right turd to do.

Well worth the effort, but a turd.

I know you were , so was I.# 2 was actually my favorite line from the Pirates of the Caribbean movie, I always appreciate an opportunity to use it LOL

Ha ha ha.... I thought you were up to speed with the Aussie humour at putting shit on ya mates. phew....

And yes, my eyes are brown. LOL

It doesnt happen often but when it does its great. Somebody got Kevin good. Thanks Joe. 

ha ha ha .... trust you to stick ya head in. LOL



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