Getting ready to wire up the alternator in my 64 coupe and I need some advice. There is a red 10 gauge wire that comes out of the loom on the firewall, there is also a 10 gauge wire lead that comes off the positive battery cable I need to know where these hook up. Also on the voltage regulator loom I assume the small black wire goes to the small terminal and the small red wire goes to the larger terminal and the plug is self explanatory. This is a good example of why you should take pictures when something is going to be apart for a long time but I didn't so here we are any help or pictures would be appreciated. Thanks.

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The wiring diagram is in the Help tab. This is the part that lists the alternator & regulator wires. The number represents the wire gauge & the letters represent the color

Here is the whole wiring diagram

Not to be disrespectful but the wiring diagram is just Greek to me. Certainly somebody knows where these wires go and could just tell me. Thanks.

Sorry, I would just take a picture of mine but I replaced my alternator with a modern internally regulated one so I don't have  the same connections. From the diagram it looks like the red wires and the wire from the pos batt cable go to the larger terminal (+Bat) on the Alt. The small black wire goes small terminal (Ground) on the Alt.

That is correct. Heavy 10 gauge black wire from Positive side of battery goes to large terminal on back of alternator. Large red wire from that same large terminal feeds back to battery. Small red wire also connected to that terminal goes to voltage regulator via the alternator to regulator harness.  small Black wire from regulator via that harness connects to small terminal on alternator. Other wires (dark blue) and from regulator plug into the back of alternator via the connector. So there's all of your wire connectors at back of alternator.

very helpful, thanks

Dave, I bought a wiring diagram from Classic Car Wiring. I'm really satisfied with the diagram (bought the largest version).



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