Always Love Finding Pictures of the Cadillacs with my Dad In Them

I was just scrolling through some old pictures of the 64 Cherry Red Sedan de Ville I use to own and noticed my dad in the background of the 1st picture below and thought, we sure had some  great times bringing in all those Cadillacs.  I've got a ton of pictures as I was bringing the driver cars and parts cars in and need to go back and scan them in as I know there are many more with my dad. The 2nd picture is one I had previously posted and was taken in Nov 1997, just over 1 year from the time I bought 'Dino' my 64 CDV. It is like someone opened the Cadillac Faucet and they started pouring out! LOL We sure had some fun.


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Hey Jason, is ya Dad still with us?

Kevin, As noted in the Sept 2017 Newsletter where I spotlighted my first parts car and included details about my dad, he died in 2005 from a heart catheterization that went terribly wrong. He was my partner in crime regarding the old Cadillacs and sure do miss him.

I didn't recall reading that Jason, I know doubt, did read it, just couldn't remember it.

My own Dad passed away back in 1996..... so long ago now. My Mum however, will be 96 in August and is still going pretty good.

 I enjoy seeing your old car shots..... keep 'em coming please.

Nothing finer than a yard full of Six Four Fins.

Your dad kinda looks like Elvis there. Does that have anything to do with your Elvis thing? lol

Yeah, dad had the black hair and even had more of the 50’s greaser look when he was younger, but it was mom that turned me on to Elvis. She had been hearing this Elvis on the radio in 56 when she was 13 and said when she finally saw him on his 1st Ed Sullivan appearance, she said he was so good looking she just stood there and shook and cried. The rest was history. Must have been tough being that talented and good looking.

The Elvis hair look ( hair slicked back with big side burns ) much like the later Beatles  very long hair look became a sign of there time due to the effect it had on  the social style of there times 

That first Ed Sullivan show that Elvis did with TV in its infancy did so very much to expose who he was to so very many people all at one time ( not possible before TV ) 

Hearing him sing was one thing - ( what a voice ) watching him move that body was another 

These were very very conservative times sexually so his physical jiration were something no one had seen before him in a public performance 

My entire family would sit in front of the 13 inch Dumont TV on a Sunday night to watch the Ed Sullivan variety show for such a very long time ( a family bonding time ) 

The thing with Elvis was he had such great appeal to the very young and the very old make his fan base so amazingly large and so very dedicated to him

I loved him as a teenager but so did my parents and grand parents 

My Grandfather played Elvis on his record player in our house  6 months before he was on Ed Sullivan as he got his records at the country music store that he went to as he like that kind of music then 

Yes I wore my hair like his then and like the Beatles later 

American Rock and Roll at its best 

Thankyouverymuch !!!




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