Best Wishes for the Holidays and the New Year!

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This photo was taken today..... Christmas in Australia, well, Boxing Day to be exact....... no snow... just lots of sunshine.

This photo will also go on my new business cards for Country Lane Classic Cars. If you enlarge the pic, you can see the three dents just above the FLEETWOOD badges. The original owner was a shocker with the mail box. The other side has similar dents in the front fender. Badges of honour on an unrestored car.

She’s elegant and beautiful. A perfect match for you!

Ying and yang... opposites attract... sort of thing huh.

I got news for ya, I am neither elegant or beautiful. I have to say though, Jeff, I just love the car to bits and yeah, it is elegant and beautiful.

Thanks for nice comments on the car too mate.

The poor old thing has had more hits than Elvis, but with about 80% of it being the original paint, i'm loath to touch it. You can see in this pic, the rear door and the leading half of the rear fender is the wrong shade of white too.

I just preserve it the best I can until one day, another custodian takes over from me..... I'll be dead then, so someone will have to look after our lovely Fleetwood.

Sorry Jeff, I've gone and hijacked your thread. I'll go sit in my naughty corner.

Aw Kevin,

Don’t feel bad.

Just a few years before (in the 1950’s) two-tone, and tri-tone paint jobs were all the rage. 

Seriously, you are very wise to leave it and enjoy it as it is. 

My dad, who was full of wisdom  used to say “your first loss is your best loss.”  

Why didn’t I listen to him?

Looking forward to a fantastic 2019.  Can't wait to finally get back to my own 64 - Dino!

Pictures of three beautiful Cadillacs. What more can a guy ask for?

Kevin, what's with the new business? I need to stop in more often.

Well, my friend, you will play with your toys and not get on here.

Ok, we sold the mowing run and rented out the house near the water. we moved into our 12 acre place in the country, which is about an hour out of the capital city.

I'm now a registered car dealer trading under Country Lane Classic Cars. Sort of a boutique style car sales thing, so i'll do about 25 cars a year. Also, the ranch style place we are in now, after 8 years of being rented, was needing some loving, so its all happening here in Oz.

The car sales thing, we really want to be doing 50's, 60's and 70's mostly with a bit of later model stuff thrown in.  Sort of the other way around at the moment though. This is a low mileage Falcon we did a couple of months ago. (It was a tidy little thing too)

So mate, now ya know...... LOL :-)

What else could a guy wish for?  Hmmmm.

1. Finding a brand new 63 or 64 Cadillac that was properly put in storage at the time of manufacture 

2. Someone competent and honest to work on my car 

3. Unlimited source of funds to pay for #2.

and with apologies for an historical reference,

in addition to Happy Healthy Peaceful and Prosperous, may 2019 be 



* World renowned in previous generations as first class, top quality, A-#1, excellent, powerful and reliable, made in the USA and prestigious. 


I will add a : RAH RAH SIS BOOM BA -to your last statement about the fabulus qualities of our fine machines
( mostly to keep Clovis happy )

Enjoy and HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL !!!!!

Correct the above to read RAH RAH SISS BOOM BAH -- OH NEVER MIND !!!!




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