Think I figured out why blog posts are still posted instead of the preferred discussion posts.

My guess is that members go to their "My Page" and from there click the "Blog Posts" and then post a blog post. Maybe it could be possible to delete that function? Or?

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There are many ways to get to existing Blog posts, however, since I have removed it as a drop down function when clicking on Forums on the desktop, or drop down menu on the mobile devices the # of blogs are decreasing and have only seen 1 in the last few days. 
I cannot just delete the Blog function as many of the 2,941 blogs posted to the site are Help topic articles, not to mention I would not want to just delete someone's post. I have checked and cannot lock down Blogs completely, so hopefully by removing them from the normal way of posting discussions by way of desktop or mobile device menu, it will continue to reduce their use. 

When I created this site over 6 years ago, we had come from a previous site (Multiply hosted) that was used the linear Blog format. I saw the potential of Forums early on and expected the would be the preferred method of posting discussion.  You can see by Clicking Here as early as Oct 2012 the death of the Blog had already been predicted.  Using Blogs is still OK but we are all so use to the nested reply feature of Discussion Forums, not to me mention it is the prevalent method used on most forums these days, were here scrambling 6 years later trying to turn off the Blogs.   

If we only had a few Blogs, we could go through and just copy them into Forums, and be done with it, but since we have 2,941 and many make up the Help Page articles, we are sort of stuck with them. We are also stuck with the fact that if you click on anything here where you land on a Blog page you will then have the option to add another Blog. That back door method cannot be turned off unless I completely delete the Blog features and all 2,941 blogs.

At some point we will need to migrate to the Ning 3.0 platform (we are on Ning 2.0 now), but there are still several things about that platform I do not like (no photo albums being at the top of my list), but when we choose to move or are forced to move we may or may not have some conversion choices where we can move the Blogs into Discussion Forum type threads. 

My thinking was not to remove the blog posts. Only remove or disable the "Blog Posts" link in the personal page " My Page", as that seems to be the way members post.

I cannot remove that Add Blog function just as I cannot remove it from the existing 2,941 existing Blogs as seen below:



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