I think I might have a broken rear spring. 

Took the car for quick test drive today and sent little bump I hit, I could hear a thud like it was bottoming out. Come to see when I got home, the driver side rear is squatting really bad.  I forgot to take a pic but a good 2 inches. Did I break a spring? I can't see anything from underneath.

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You may have broken the  ball joint over the rear differential, and this allows the rear axle to move side to side. Use extreme caution in driving, Better yet, have the car towed to a competent shop.  I have seen an instance of the ball joint breaking, allowing the differential to move side to side, and throwing the fender skirts off. and causing other damage.

OK wow. I got the car home fine. The car did sit for about 10 months thought maybe things were just bound up. I'll check after work today on the that ball joint.

Can it be changed out myself? Where's a good place to buy one?

The rear end ball joint ( spherical joint ) is at the center rear of the rear axel housing when you look up and stabilizes the rear axel 

The coil springs are on both sides of the car by the rear axel and   are very close to the exterior body panels 

Examine all to see what may have  changed or broken 


OK thanks

Just went out to the car. And its sitting level now. No sag in the left side.  I crawled underneath  and the pivoting ball joint seems OK the spring aren't broke that I can see.

You guys have suggestions on cause it to sag and then free up again? Any input greatly appreciated 

this is a very rare situation you have cooking up.  you won't get much progress online, you'll just end up throwing parts at it.    at least get down there and take pics of different angles and post them, maybe someone will see something.   
If nothing is broken in the suspension and nothing is out of place, then it's probably your shocks.   They are (more or less) hydraulic cylinders, so if a valve in one is stuck from sitting for years it can 'freeze' in the extended or rebound position.  Very unlikely, so look first at every other possibility and rule out everything else.

Couldn't  get any real good photos  ill try again later.  I see that the exhaust clamp was hitting the shock not a lot. So either the clamp got hung up on the shock. Or like Mark said it has been sitting  awhile and just got hung up from sitting.. when the weather drys off here ill take it for a spin and see what gives.  Thank you all. 


My first thought was a damaged ( not working correctly  )  shock before reading your post just because the car came back up and came up to the correct height removing the sagging corner 

The spring is wants to push that shock  back up where it belongs —if it can 


If the car is new to you invest in a Service Manual for your year as it is extremely useful tool to  totally understand. the car and the maintenance it requires 

Our year SM are better than most for most other cars —a  must have 



You can push  down —and pull up —-the back  of the car from the bumper( or body )  in a given corner to activate the shock absorbers motion which may give you a feel for how it is working or is not working 

When  you push down  on the car or bumper a good shock will want to rise and then settle at the correct height 

I would think it would be time for a new set of shocks all around if car was sitting a good while but you still want to trouble shoot you sagging issue yesterday 



Did what you said on each corner at the tail light bezel and it seems to respond pretty quick. The shocks were done when I bought the car about 6 years ago and never really had any miles  put on it since I'm still restoring it. 

 Looks like you shocks are moving freely from that test

Take it for a spin when and if you can and see how it drives and sits after that ride 

Drive the car very close to home and see how all feels and looks 

If something was bonding as Mark suggests ( rusted something ) it may have freed itself a bit but that stands to be seen 




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