This is for FlaHP and anyone else interested in following along. I really wanted to get rid of my stock exhaust manifolds for two reasons. First was the constant exhaust leaks I was facing due to badly corroded mating surfaces and second was the small outlet. I designed up a cam profile that is way wilder than anything you can get off the shelf and had it ground by Howard's. To go along with that I had a race engine building friend do me up a set of higher flowing heads. I would need more than a 2" manifold outlet to make all that work. So here goes...

First, I drew them up in 2D until I had a plan. That took a lot of crawling around under and over my car taking photos and measurements. Once I was sure I was ready to go I got a set of 65 or later 429 headers from Sandersons.  I got them raw as in not welded up. It turned out that all I really used from them was the flanges and collectors. The radius of the bends was just too big. Here a few photos of the start of it all.

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How Sweet this is ! !

Your fine work an design  is sucking the performance  gear heads out of the on lookers and  having them say Wow—  for good reason ( with there mouths open as well ! ) 

A lot of outstanding quality work going on under the Hood of your 62 CDV displaying the owners exceptional talents and need for efficient high performance 

You are a special guy with a very special 62 for all your hard work and your uncanny ability to turn your plans and thoughts into reality on many levels 

Your research and educated approach to the subject  at hand is amazing to be experiencing for me and I am sure others who witness the end results of your guest 

Love for you to do a thread on your cylinder head upgrades myself 

Real great stuff —- Dan 

Thanks Tony, it's has been quite a journey or to quote the Grateful Dead, "What a long strange trip it's been".

Exhaust  note has that — Nasty Hot Rod cam valve overlap thing going on —that only a high performance cam can bring to the sound of the exhaust  pipes — That Says — HEY —YOU WANNA RACE !  Loud and clear ( Which was the very first thing  my  very very good friend Ben would say —when you met him - he was the Arthur Fonzarelli in my life —that owned Nassau county Harley Davidson on Long Island NY ) 

 Saying at the stop light —- Let’s see what You got under there  —- Go On 3 ! —- 1 thousand - 2 thousand and leave on 2 1/2 —- See Ya Later Sucker ! 

Ok  I will calm down now —Just Love and enjoy this stuff 



In my days of being a super stock class champion record holder drag racing was in the air due to the muscle cars coming out of the car show rooms 

The Beach Boy were singing - She’s real fine my 409 - on the radio and other racing inspired song - Little Old lady from Pasadena— little Duce coupe - etc 

A few times I was in  move senes from American Grafitti with high performance street machine lining the entire quarter mile on both sides racing on the service road of the Mitchel Field  Airport out on Long Island - Hicksville area 

Very much a bit crazy as two 409’s on street tire doing a good bit of fish tailing down a good part of the race 

The Golden Rule ( written on the fender of a 57 Chevy ) had a police radio in his car so we new when to split 

My Super Stock ride was my daily driver which made these times so very unique 

Seemed that racing was going on almost all of the time ( most nights )  between track and street racing out of the local burger joint 

I had the very good fortune to be in the right place at the right time with some amazing performance minded people to share performance thoughts that were constantly winning there classes at the  local tacks 

I am sure I leaned more about performance in the burger joint parking lots exchanging ideas  than anyplace else 

A great time to be alive in America and doing what I was doing at the time — American HOT Rodding ( we did write the book on the subject ) 

The muscle cars of that time are still some of the most desirable Classic  muscle rides around 




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