I ran my Cars N Coffee monthly get together yesterday. Lots of stuff on over the the week-end, so we had limited numbers for the day with only 12 cars. Keep in mid though, even a good turn out here is about 20 cars, as we are a small seaside township.

Even so, at 10am, a few of us (5 cars) went for a cruise to Poona for a BBQ lunch over-looking the Great Sandy Strait and the world heritage listed Fraser Island. We had Americans finest, Cadillac, some English cars, with  a 52 MG and Ford Mark 3 Zodiac, an Aussie, 2005 Holden Commodore and sporty 89 Toyota TRD Celica.

Everyone had a pretty cool time and when we headed off, I couldn't help myself, so the wife and I took the long way around, Via Maryborough, Tairo, Gympie and the likes. Top day for a cruise too, I turned a small run into a 160 mile round trip.

In the first pic, the couple on the right I've known for 40 years. (Since I was 18)

Nice picnic spot huh.

Mines the biggest.... I don't get to say that very often either. :-(

The wife scoring a cuddle from a good mate. :-)

Dave and I have known each sine the early 90's when we both drag raced together.

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I just read the article in the monthly Cadillac newsletter about the meet in Australia.  IMPRESSIVE how many "Yank Tanks" are still rolling around in the land of Oz. 

Nice photos here Kev, your car is by far the classiest!


Your Fleetwood is one fine machine and mostly because you own it
Enjoyed your engine build when that was
You are the perfect kind of guy to own an Antique Cadillac and keep it in fine running form
Kind of makes those other cars in the photo look - SiLLY --compared to the --Yank Tank ( like that expesson Anders )
You could put one of those cars in the back seat ( or Trunk ) ---and save the guy some gas money at the next meeting ---LOL
Looks like you really are that-- Classy Guy --that you were trying to hint you are all along
We need more guys like you on this site with hands on experience regarding our year cars
When you speak to Clovis tell him - i said he should drop in once in a while
Looks like you are out having a Cadillac Fun day --Mate


Thanks Gentlemen.... :-)

You'd be surprised just how many land yacht's we have here. The tricky bit is, for every left hand drive one there is like ours, there is a converted RHD car.

Personally, i'd never swap one to RHD, as the only time it's an issue, is if I need to pass someone when i'm on my own.

We do have some cracker Cadillac's here though.  :-)


Do tell me the moment when you said to your self - I have to own a 64 fleetwood -
What was it in that moment that brought you to that thought and the motovation to follow thru

You have been hinting at a new kind of work you might be doing
I know you said you were putting a car lift at the new residence you are moving to
Can i quess you are thinking of restoring older cars for yourself --or others in the future ?



Wanted a Cadillac since I was about 12 or 13. I fell in love with all that chrome and bodywork. Even when I was as young as 18, I've often favoured the more luxury side of things and still do.

Two years ago, I was searching out Cadillac's, 64 to 68, but mainly 64's when the Fleetwood popped up on the radar in the USA. The rest they say, is history. Parted with $14,500 USD, and shipped the big ol girl half way around the world including switching to the southern hemisphere. Massive undertaking and played havoc on my nerves.

Yeah Tony, i'm going to play with cars again. Mainly 50's, 60's and 70's, but with some later stuff thrown into the mix as well. 

I currently have a 2000 Toyota Camry of all things going through the system and another car i'm picking up in 4 weeks.

"Kev's Better Bombs Boutique"..... nah, just joking. I do have a very classy name to use, but if I tell ya,I gotta kill ya.



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