Just purchased a 64 deville and replaced the starter on it. I was/am still having issues when it would run for a while and I would shut the car off then trying to restart the car and it would struggle to start. I would act as if the battery was bad but I also replaced it at the same time as the starter. I’m not sure if it’s heat soaked or the wire from the starter to the battery is bad (the wire looks fairly new) or could it be that the car is running rich which it is. Cold starts it’s fine fires right up every time. Any suggestions?

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Check the grounds at all points of contact. Very common problem with these and any old car. Also check your timing it should be 6 to 10 degrees. Whatever spot it runs best.

The main battery ground is under the battery tray --to the frame of the car
Make that connection bright and shinny
Grind it to clean
Remove your battery terminals and clean them with a battery terminal cleaner -tool
Examine the wiring to the battery posts
Be sure that wiring is clean going into the two battery terminals
Cleaning those locations will make a world of difference in the way these cars start up

The next best thing to getting strong starts is to have your points and timing on spec


I’ll give all that a try. Thank you guys I appreciate the quick responses. I’m hoping this solves the issue. 

Points wearing will retard the cars timing making it more difficult to start the car
The engine will not fire up as quickly as if was on spec


Replace the battery cables, even if they look new. Corrosion seeps into the wires causing the problem you are describing.  Then clean the ground from the starter to the frame.

I like using the red and green circles sold for under the battery terminals to help control the corrosion that developes in those areas
Keep the top of the battery clean as to not conduct energy between the terminals

The info on this tread should do it -- for better starting ----101 !!


So far I’ve found the wire going to the battery from the starter was completely corroded and falling apart. Guess you can’t trust the last mechanic that wrenched on it. Hope to replace it tomorrow fixes it. Also went through and fixed all the grounds which weren’t grounded hardly at all. Thanks again everyone!!!

Check All Wiring. It could truly be anything. I was out in my 2002 Escalade the other day and had went to crank it and .. lights came on and then everything was dead! Nothing, Nada! I opened the hood and felt both battery cables and the negative cable was loose and you could just move it around. It has a newer battery but for some reason the thread on the cable bolt was compromised and would not tighten up.. at least with the tools I had with me. I have a jump box and thought I might have to use it but was able to just turn the cable until it seemed to be binding against the battery a bit, and jumped in and luckily it fired right up. I got home and replaced the cable bolt and all seems to be find. I try to keep my Escalade in top notch condition and thought everything was fine, but here I was almost dead in the water due to one little bolt. 

So... check everything!  I would still check that big ground strap from frame to engine 1st, and of course replace any questionable battery cables or other wiring!

The main ground strap you want to check 1st is the very large ground strap from RH frame rail to back of engine. This is the direct ground for the starter when it is cranks over. Open the hood and look over on the left and follow the frame under the cowl/firewall and you will see the 9/16" serrated flange head bolts that holds it down. remove the bolt and clean both  sides of the ground strap, and the serrated part of the bolt and reinstall. Follow strap over to back of engine and make sure it is tight and making good contact. If any doubt remove bolt and clean both sides of the ground strap on that end and the bolt head bottom side and reinstall. 2nd pictures is the frame to back of engine ground removed. If it a big fella and if you need one I have plenty for $10 + s/h.

For more information on ground straps found in our cars check out this Help Page article:
- Ground Strap Locations

On the positive side of things the ignition switches and large connector behind it can overheat, melt, short and otherwise go bad. If unsure, remove the lower instrument panel cover, disconnect the ignition switch connector and inspect for melting.  With connector off the switch, you can then easily hot wire the car to bypass the ignition switch to eliminate it as an issue. Just make a 3 way jumper and jump Red (battery) wire to Pink (ignition) wire, and touch Purple (starter) wire as seen in this Help Topic Article:

Hot Wired! Ignition Switches

If you able put a timing light on your engine do that and see were the timing is set at this time
Your hot staring issue could be timing related The more i think about it
If the timing is advanced or retarted it should be corrected only after installing a new set of points ( that are adjusted correctly ) and then set the timing between 5 to 10 degrees - where the engine runs best ( 5 degrees is stock )
You should do all the suggested ground terminal and battery terminal wire replacement neeed and suggested above
The ground terminal cleaning is basic and will improve your starting and the cars reliability out on the road


The corroded wire you located sounds like a good part of your problem

The negative wire is usually the problem in most of my experience-- so do replace both while you are at it
Bring both wires with you to the store --to get the correct lengths --taking out any guess work out of getting the right size

A good place to start to get the engine starting strong as it should


Hang on to the old starter sounds like it was not your problem
Good to have a spare one of those




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