how do you install a new choke tube in manifold where can I get one, or do you make one,.How do you get old one out. I'm aware of twisted heat piece in manifold. Any help appreciated.

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Nice illustrations. Added to Help page under - Intake Manifold - Choke Tube Replacement

Jason i accidentally deleted this while viewing it on my smart phone at night. Is there a way to restore the pictures?

Jeff, No there is no way I can restore once you have deleted. Why not post another stand alone article and we can link to it instead of a reply within the article. Be sure to group all pictures together in the main post. The only other things I would add would be your source for the stainless tube and the dimensions. I bought like a 3' section of it off eBay way back but cannot find the info or dimension specs.  There are also a couple of grades of stainless, one is more corrosion resistant and that would be good info to post also.  We can also run it in the next newsletter under Tech Tips. So... please repost while still fresh up in the grey matter... and stay away from that delete button!

A slightly better picture of the finished installation.

So when your done you should see the choke tube like in this pic ?

The choke tube should be visible and with no cracks.  I pressure check mine when I take an intake off.  Fire up the compressor and put the rubber nipple to the blower on one end, and plug the other with my finger. You will hear a leak in the tube if it is cracked.  After 50 years, it is just best to replace the choke tube.

This first picture shows the old cracked tube inside the manifold passageway. The last picture (bottom) shows the new tube in the same location.
The twist baffle sits inside the tube and creates air flow turbulence to increase efficiency of heat transfer. Once you start to drill out the old tube the baffle should slide out but it may be stuck with csrbn deposits hence the liberal use of penetrating oil.

The main reason to replace is to prevent an unferhood fire from hot exhaust gas getting into the carburetor housing.
Thank you Jeff, I am suspicious that mine is leaking because I replace my intake manifold gasket and I'm still hearing a leak when accelerating
My manifold also had the beginning of a hairline crack underneath so I decided to replace it and wound up doing this job twice!
In fact if look at the first (top) picture you can see this hairline just below the manifold heat passage opening.

Couldn't tell if it was a casting mark or impending fracture so decided to replace.

how much did you pay for the replacement one ?



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