I have posted a few Misc items over on my Classic Cadillac Parts Facebook page at www.facebook.com/classiccadillacparts and will post a few here  on this thread from time to time.

For items you are interested in send email me to jasonedge@nc.rr.com   

To save us both time be sure and provided details including year, body style, color, location (left or right, front or rear, etc), and any other information I need to identify the part. 

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Kevin, Been there done that ... probably 15 years ago.  It is more than just monetary value as Tony indicated, but value of my time and value of the parts in terms of getting the Cadillacs back on the road. I have over a dozen entries spanning back literally half a decade of specific items on my parts list with customers needing front engine covers, intakes, exhaust manifolds and the like. I current have one person looking for a 390 engine and it is for rebuild.  Even if I say rebuilt the carb on this car, ran all new fuel lines, changed all the fluids, addressed electrical issues, addressed fuel delivery issues, addressed vacuum issues, and got the car to fire up, the majority of my customers would say "I need the front cover", I need the intake, I need the exhaust... and by the way, see of that front cover is badly scarred... I want a nice one".   

Sometimes when I pull a car in it is still running... 3 parts cars ago was as I recall, and that is great. You can have some fun with a running parts car.. see below. And if there is indication the car would fire up with some gas, battery, maybe a quick cleaning of the points and plugs I will give if a go. If it looks like I might spend the better part of a day just to get a car to fire up that I will dismantle at least to the short block regardless.   There is also the issue of you really can't tell the health of an engine until you peer into it. What are the nylon teeth on the cam timing gear light, any metal, water or anything else in the oil.  Any obvious physical damage.  The recent pristine 429 see below is a good example.  I had to remove the front cover and cylinder heads to see really how nice this block was. And even as such, as a complete short block, in that condition for a one year only engine, I personally think it is worth $750 to $1000, but have sat on it for months at $500 ($400 for Chapter members). I can easily make more money on a nice front engine cover and 2 exhaust manifolds not to mention all the other goodies that comes off the engine.

So yes, it is nice to determine if the engine will run, if it doesn't take that much time. but that doesn't always guarantee the health of an engine like the one you see below.

And here's the fun you can have with one that does run!


The part individually are worth very much more than the complete running engine would be
That is the motivation for disassembling the parts
Sure the parts can be evaluated better with them being apart and examined for resale

All good -Mate


Tested 63-64 Cadillac Temp Fuel Gauge Clusters - $75. <-- Click for More Pictures

I sell tested temp fuel gauge clusters with very nice, like new faces, for the 1963/64 Cadillac as seen in these pictures for $75. Email me at jasonedge@nc.rr.com

1963 to 1964 Six Way Power Bench Seat Switch - $30

Just pulled a six way power bench seat switch that fits the 1963 to 1964 Cadillacs with the switch in the arm rest. Switch bezel has some pitting but not too bad. Price is $30. Email me at jasonedge@nc.rr.com

1963-66 Carter AFB AC Speed-Up Control - $45   <-- Click for More Pictures

I have an excellent AC Speed-Up Control for the Carter AFB carb on 1963 to 1966 Cadillacs for $45. Vacuum holds perfect, and had been cleaned. Email me at jasonedge@nc.rr.com.



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