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Is there any documentation out there which crayon markings was written on which position by the factory on a 1964 Cadillac? If not, it would be very interesting if everybody who find a marking would post it here.

I'm also interested in having information which markings came on the hoses for the heater and radiator hoses.

I plotted a template and made a replica on my upper radiator hose with the Markal Pro Line HP pen and my ac compressor which came out quite well. I used the same markings, fusickautomotiveproducts sells it, but I'm not sure if it is 100% correct.

Looking forward for your answers... stay healthy.

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Those look really good! I had all of my A/C components rebuilt by a shop in FL. I had them restamp the compressor. Looks just like yours! I have not seen the black decal available anywhere though. I was able to get the Frigidaire one. I got marked hoses from Caddy Daddy.

I ended up taking a lot of the dash out, heater box, evaporator, all of that -- plus I took off the nose, piece by piece, because the engine and trans leak everywhere, plus general deterioration under hood. I noted that the number "94" appeared, in grease pencil, an awful lot. I noted it in the following places: radiator support in battery box area, inside RF fender near where side trim attaches, interior heater box (side that faces firewall), under side of dash pad, top of radio, bottom right of steering column right where bottom of dash covers it, bottom dash cover for steering column. I suspect that this is a job number, used to track items going onto a specific car. I have a couple of 63/4 AM/FM radios here, and at least one of them also has a number written on top of it. Not 94 though. Curiously, the LF fender has a different number, looked like 90. The fender is original and has never been replaced.


Wow, thank you! Do you have any more pictures of the markings?


These are the lower dash panel below strg col, and rad support in battery box area, forward facing side.

i found other numbers on both sides of the cowl after I got the fenders off. Not 94, something else. No idea of what they mean.

The radiator support is going to be repainted. I am going to purchase a grease pencil and replace the 94 marking.


I thought aout this number, then I realized that my car is paint code 94, Aquamarine Firemist. I wonder if that is the reason for the number?

But maybe not. I have another 64 radio here with the number 84 written on it. No 84 paint code.

 I can't recall finding any  grease pencil markings  under the hood or anywhere else, but my 6339 is  arctic white, the most common color;  I  need to check out  my parts car 6329 basildon green. I think the numbers on the radios  are unit specific, both matched the last two digits of each car.

You may be onto something there. I checked my VIN and the last two digits are 94.

There were other numbers written on the side of the cowl as well.




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