I have been waiting around about 2 months for another Group 60 Original Style battery (long story), and finally got Dino fired up yesterday and backed out of the garage and the dust knocked off of her today after finally receiving my new battery.  It felt good to get the Caddy back out of the garage and washed off.  Next is some intense cleaning. I started with the inside today and will hit the outside and engine compartment in the coming days. Here's a few pictures from today.. (Hey, my turn to show off a bit! LOL):

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....Simply Irresistible!

I have been using the Mothers Carnuba past wax for a few years now
It is the best past wax i have used to date
A greatly improved shine over other great products
I am an old bust your butt Blue Coral paste wax from back in the day guy
This stuff has the ease of a liquid waxes going on and off and wears like nothing i have used before
Essy and very long lasting protection


--------There' s no other way to go !!!! ----Simply irresistable !!!!!

Singing to each other -- about our cars ( mostly yours ) has to be a first for us and the website
Yours inspires song in me for sure
This place is a lot of Fun in addition to the great info


The latest :
Trying to correct the spelling of irrestible in edit and the house lost power and WY-FY went out
No correction when power returned


SO ---Now --WE --have a song that represnts your extreme passion for your car
You do know a Car ---can have a Name --and a Song !

Can you play music ( even low ) when the Juges are looking over the car at the Grand Nationals ?
The right-- tune --might just find the Judges --Simply Irrestible -- to give you first place in the class ( like you will be needing ANY HELP )
oR a Barber shop Quartet
You could be starting a new --fad --putting all the other car boys in your class under some sever stress to keep up
Just thinking out of the box ( way out !!!) LOL ! ! ! !

Only problem is Dino is a Red Blooded Male.... although Robert Palmer's Heavy Nova and Riptide are in constant rotation on my iPhone during my morning 2.5 mile pooch walks. Speaking of Heavy Nova there is a song that reminds me of you, Tony... DISTURBING BEHAVIOR.
But while we are getting a crazy with the RP songs... I think Dino's RP song would have to be "I DIDN'T MEAN TO TURN YOU ON" from Riptide!

Please extend my apologies --to Dino --for me making any inference --HE --would have any feminine trates what so ever --OMG
He's so fine who knows where --OH just never mind the whole thing


The song --for my car would be --Becon Blue Haze--- by Jimmy Hendricks

Excuse me while i kiss the sky ( he most likely was in a convertible when he wrote that line or cloud nine --you think ???? ) LOL !!!!!


Well, our car got the bucket and sponge this morning too and while it doesn't have Dino's shine, she scrubbed up pretty good huh.... a blind man would be pleased to see it.

Checked all the fluids, vacuumed the insides, cleaned the whitewalls and even chucked a bit of Armoral over the dash top. I need it looking spiffy for tomorrow.

We've got our monthly Cars n Coffee morning tomorrow from 8 - 10am and then a run to Poona for a picnic lunch. I've got a stack of snags ready for the Barbie, plenty of cold drinks (We'll cop 36* C tomorrow)

Because I run the Cars n Coffee deal, I know we've got some new rides turning up too, so trying to pick the best one will be harder than picking a broken nose. I also do the write up for our local rag, so I try to pick one car as a bit of a feature thing.

I reckon, with the heat forecast for tomorrow, it'll be shorts and thongs and a t-shirt. (That's pretty formal for around here) Well, I might bugger off and clean my thongs, late time I wore them, they mud on 'em and nothing worse than a dirty thong.

have a nice week-end.

I'll be heading out to Charlotte, NC for the first meet-up with the Carolina CLC Region. We will be taking in the Carolina's Aviation Museum . One of the highlights for me will be to see the "Miracle on the Hudson" A32-214 Airbus that Capt Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger flew into the Hudson River in 2009. One of the big perks of being in the CLC, is joining with local CLC Regions and taking tours like this. I remember going to the NC Transportation Museum last year with the Carolina Region and being really blown away. Pretty impressed that little ole North Carolina had something of that magnitude... .but again we were First in Flight!

White floor mats, I drive mine every weekend, they wouldn't last. Do you have special shoes you reserve for only driving the car?
Please tell me their blue suede LOL

I’ve got 2 sets. One for show, one for everyday use. I use to have the butter brown ones everyone sells and hated them as they clashed with sandalwood carpet. Spec manual shows white mats with sandalwood interior so I  switched to what I think would have been correct with my interior.



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