Long story... short.

Friday night, very slight vibration in Fleetwood.

Sunday, short trip, hard to tell if it was shits roads or vibration.

Monday, go to town.... by then, vibration worse. Get out onto highway, zip to 65 and half my filling were falling out. Shakin all over.... short trip and into gas station. I ran my hands over the tires, well, the bits I could and all seemed ok.

Back out onto highway, can't get over 50 without stuff wanting to vibrate off the car. Pull over again, and do a second hand on tires thing. Its around 35 c and me, the tires and the road are red hot. Couldn't feel any lumps, so off the highway and onto the back roads to home.

This is when I affectedly rubbed the Fleetwood's dash, and said, c'mon baby, I buy you the best oils, i use the nicest smelling car wash fluids on you..... just please get us both home.

Yesterday, took off the right rear and its had a massive separation.... bugger


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But she got you home. Cant fault the ol girl for bad shoes.

To answer your question, yes I talk to "Bertha". Usually nice words when we're cruising. On the other hand when working on her & things aren't going well, many 4 letter words are used. She knows I don't really mean it though : ).


Glad your vibration fix seems to be one of the easier kind to locate and repair
They can -Drive You Nuts ( pun intended )


I'm off this morning to grab a new tyre for Hannah. Drove it yesterday with the spare on (near new tyre on the spare) and Hannah was back to her silky smooth self.

Its funny ya know, I always say good morning when I walk past her in the shed and about a week ago, i was pondering the source of a rattle in a Hyundai  I was preparing for sale. 

I asked Hannah if she thought I was correct..... turned she agreed and yes, the rattle is now sorted.

Hannah shares space with 3, sometimes 4, other cars..... the other morning, i was sure I could hear voices coming from inside the shed. As I passed from my spare parts area to the main shed, i'm sure I heard a female voice say shhhh,here he comes now.

Should I be worried or should I just go back on my meds again?

If the car is BACK ( vibration free again )
Why am i sure you have a smile on your face -- again
Do speak to ---the ones you love so they know how you feel ( as in Hannah )

No i do Not Talk to my car !! -- unless i am Super pissed off at it and you know what thats about ( only happened once --LOL ! )
Everyone in the genaeral area is subject to abuse ---LOL !!


I now have a brand new tyre on the spare, so Hannah is all smiles.

Even way back when, when the piston broke, I was chatting along the lines of...

"Oh Bubby, what's wrong and why did ya break a piston."

Then along the lines of.... "don't worry, we'll fix it together....you'll be right."

The other day, the wife and I were talking about the cars we are flipping etc and she mentioned herself, how the Cadillac will never be sold by us..... only ever sold through a deceased estate.

Always wonderful to have the support of your better half regarding our Classic Antique Cadillac hobby and what it requires
My wife and i do love our 64 convertible ( have it about 40 years but purchased new by my dad ) and she is also an Antique Cadillac Crazy person
It just does make the enjoyment of the car all that much better for us both to have that support

Could be a major set back if you do not have the enjoyment of that support
The joy this car brings us is like --an illegal addictive substance --in a way
The first ride is Free ---LOL !!!!!!!!!!!


Voices in our head are normal Kevin, just don't answer back, because next the squirrels will be talking to ya. Well probably bunnies down under.

Possums in Australia would be the closest to the squirrels I think.

Life is a lot more fun and enjoyable with ya not playing with a full deck of cards huh.

The KEY --is not to be --arguing with the voices in your head ---LOL !!

Hi Clovis


Playing with a full deck. Reminds me of some past relationships! Hmmm.... maybe it is me ? 

What's up Mr T.

Apparently I talk to myself too.... I found out today.

I was trying to cut some timber for a little garden bridge i'm building. The cheese and kisses was inside doing whatever wives do. (about maybe 12 metres away)

I've got the timber sitting in soft jaws in a vice. Whacked a friggin spirit level on it, spot on level. Saw in hand, make sure everything is square, draw back the hand-saw and cut away.

I do swear a bit, especially, if things don't go well. (I'm an Aussie)

I was informed, by an unhappy wife, that I said.....

Oh you DUMB ***T, you've still cut the ***kin thing on a ***kin angle.... for ***KS SAKE.

For a piece of  timber, it did seem to fly a fair distance before cartwheeling across the yard. Once more, it can stay there too until it gets it right.

Packed it away and had a beer..... tomorrows a whole new day.

(Unless I cark it overnight) 



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