This is the donor clock I picked up yesterday for $55.00. Its out of a 2001 Holden Statesman, which means 3/4 of 5/8ths of bugger all to all our USA and elsewhere friends, but this may benefit any 63/64 members in the land Down Under.

Being a quartz movement, it will be an excellent thing to use, provided my mate Shane can do it. Its a fairly compact little unit, and of course, we only really need the guts of it.

He did really well in school in biology dissecting frogs, so this should be a walk in the park.


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Looks sweet as it sits.

Here she is installed.... I must admit, using the Cadillac fascia would have been better, but as my mate Shane said, one false move, one hole a tad out of line for the adjusting buttons and the clock fascia is rooted.

Once I got it in, I really liked it.... easy to read while you're driving too.

That looks good. Is it lighted or is it like looking at black cat in a coal mine at night?

Yeah, of course its "lighted".... ya bloody Hill-Billy. LOL :-)

Comes on with the twilight sentinel good as gold.  

I assumed so but if not, it would match the FACTORY headlight bezel. I added a tiny LED to my headlight bezel. It looks so much better lit up with everything else in the dash.

So the skills required to be working on a Holden is how to dissect frogs? I knew you guys were weird Down Under, but not so weird. ;-)

It’s  5 o’clock somewhere —LOL !

that clock will provide the guts for your stock Fleetwood ( Classy Guy ) clock  I would be thinking 

i see you put a bit of time and energy into the task at hand 


Pretty excited.... i'm off out of here soon for a 2 and a 1/4 hour drive to pickup the Fleetwood clock.

My mate Shane, is pretty good at "making and modifying" things, so really keen to see the finished product. Due to the 2 very small buttons to set the time, he has made a new polycarbonate lenses with 2 tiny holes in it, so I can use a bit of stiff wire or a toothpick to set the clock.  (At least, that's what he told me)

WE had a blowup yesterday over his price to do it too. He wanted only $50.00..... I called him a dickhead.... too cheap by a mile... I offered several options.... he refused everything I offered.

So, he's getting $50.00 and a 1 litre bottle of Jack Daniels and i'm sure he'll blow up over that too.

Firstly have to hope its the upside down dollar. So it will be cheaper than if real money.  ;-)

However I never charge anything to a friend. So I understand Shane completely. If I have the materials at home I usually just accept the loss, but charging for labor? Never. Changed wheel bearings on my wife friends car. In minus 10C on the drive way this winter. Took a day. Didn't charge a dime. Only asked that she paid the parts. Of course she did.

Come to think about it, some whiskey would have kept me warm that day. But I don't like it, and I do know that alcohol gives you a sense of warmth and at the same time helps your hypothermia... So the hot tea was a better solution.

A soft drink during a warm summer day is nice though. If the soft drink is made from barley and hops!

OK, clock picked up and home again and I reckon i'll have it in today.

Tiny bit disappointed in one way, in that Shane has grafted the entire Holden Clock into the Cadillac housing.

The reason being, he explained was, to use the Cadillac fascia would mean cutting into it and it would never be able to be put back to standard. Now, while I was keen to use the Cadillac fascia, I can understand his thinking and once in the car, with the chrome hands, numerals and buttons, i think its going to look very ok.

The old clock can be reassembled at any time.... so a win/win there.

I'll bung up a pic of the fitted unit as soon as i'm able. 

Well Kev, is the clock installed yet? You've had a whole day now. Let's get with the pic bunging already : )

Oh yeah mate, its been in for 24 hours already and I have a couple of shots in the phone. I need the wife to down load the pics, as i'm no where near smart enough for that.

I'll try to have them up tomorrow... looks pretty good I think.



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