Just had the FI Tech fuel injection system installed on my 63 Caddy and man what a difference, car is so responsive, no fumes, starts right up, feels like the car gained 50 horsepower. Highly recommend it!

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Pictures and install details please.

I had a local shop do the install and I just posted a video in the video section

Which kit did you put on your 63 and which fuel pump did you go with?

I went with the entry level kit I believe it's up to 400 horsepower with the fuel command system

I just watched the video and that is one beautiful car! I'm really digging the valve covers and it's really cool to see someone have success with the FI. Super clean engine!

Thanks Chris

Yes, that just looks so cool. Maybe someday I'll be the cool kid on the block.

Russ anybody with 63-64 caddy is cool
Looks like the carb and intake manifold were changed
What is the canister with the two gauges do ?

Tony the carb is the actual throttle body from FI Tech, it's the original manifold with a spacer, the canister is the fuel command center (which I hope I'm describing correctly) which is fed from gas tank to the command center then pressurized and feeds the throttle body.

That fuel canister is the latest thing to hit the efi world.  You get to keep your existing fuel tank and fuel pump. The existing fuel pump pumps fuel to the canister. The canister contains a high pressure fuel pump and baffles, so your engine doesn't starve under hard braking/cornering.

Searched for FI Tech fuel injection system and this is what I found. Is that the Company you used? Which model did you buy? And what else was necessary? You used a Company to install, but do you think a "normal car guy" would pull it through? Is it just bolt on or does it require a lot of tinkering?-

I'm very curious into this and even though your video is great it doesn't show much from the installation and parts used. Up close pictures with install details would be awesome.



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