Before i do a final torqueing on frame to engine and bell housing, i am a bit confused as to the manual descrption.

I hv  three nuts and bolts that attach to the front block, right under the heads, then two bolts on top of bell, two at about 10 and two on the bell, and 2 at the bottom of the bell that all attach to the rear of block.

The, the two on each sid of the trans at about 5 n 7, and bolted througg the cross member.  

I hv attached the manual description but i corelate my understanding of were its located to there descriotion except the one at numb 3 crossmember.  

Also at the front connection point, there are three bolts a lock washer and nut.  Is there a different torque on each of those three?  Im just thouroughly confused as to what gets what. 

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Seems pretty clear to me. This is describing the 5 cushioned engine and transmission supports as follows:

Motor Mounts: one each side of block: motor mount to engine (crankcase) torqed to 30 ft lbs. (3 on each mount); Large nut on engine mount stud to frame is torqued to 90 ft lbs (1 on each side)

Transmission Side Support Cushion Mount - two on each side of bell housing, attached to the longer front crossmember (noted as #3 crossmember as defined in the Frame Ch 3)  -  torqued to 25 ft lbs.

Transmission Rear Support Mount to Transmission Extension Housing - 55 ft lbs
Transmission Rear Support Mount to Rear Engine Support (the rear short transmission support) - 55 ft lb

This section also notes:
- the torque of the No 3 crossmember to frame (the longer front one, & the one you crossed out) - 30 ft lbs
- the torque of the rear engine (transmission) support (the short crossmember) to frame - 30 ft lbs.

These are also all noted in your Torque Specs in the Shop Manual starting on page 9-36.

Im sorry if i am being obtuse..the terminology simply has me confused. I attached a drawing outlining the bolts i cnt seem to put a name to.  The two supports under the 3 bar i understand,  the ones around the bell housing that attch to the rear of block.  Are one of those thr 90 # bolts.  ?  Again, i kno it frustrates yall to field these question. By the way, happy Easter to all!

Kim, I admire your tenacity with the rebuild. I am not trying to be hard on you, but just to reinforce the fact that the info is there in the Shop Manual.   Often, these confusing items can be best resolved by taking a break, and coming back with fresh eyes the next morning. We all easily come to mental dead ends when we try to think something straight thru, but the grey matter upstairs is unique in that it somehow often reconstitiutes itself with a good night sleep and a strong cup of coffee (or ZipFizz ... my morning pep drink of choice!). I deliberately took 3 months to go through most of the block rebuild on my car as I knew as soon as I got in a hurry I would Phuque Up!  LOL

No problems.... i just hv problems with book terminolgy sometime.  Like doing surgery and not knowing all the body parts by the latin name.

1st drawing has nothing to do with installing engine and trans support mounts as noted in shop manual section you posted. 2nd picture looks like following the transmission front side support mounts (the Yaw Mounts):
Transmission Side Support Cushion Mount - two on each side of bell housing, attached to the longer front crossmember (noted as #3 crossmember as defined in the Frame Ch 3) - torqued to 25 ft lbs.

Installing the 6 transmission to engine bolts in is on page 9-35, sections 5. and 6. as underlined below. I get the feeling you have not read through this section very closely. See applicable section regarding installation of these bolts underlined below:


We did the yellow as described.   Floor jack w wood block. Whole thing,  

I can only remember, and hv bolts and nuts for the 6 [THREE on each side] of the front block that attaches to frame.  One side of the mounting plate has two holes forward, and one back, the other side, has two holes back, and one forwad, only other connection point i removed to pull engine was loosening the 2 nuts under 3 bar that stabilized the transmission/bell housing. If there are more than those 6 off the front, and the six on the bell houseing that attached to the rear of the block. I dnt know were they woul be.  That is why i am confused.

See illustration from Shop Manual and picture below:

Don’t have a clue what you are saying, then. I detailed every single attachment point in the engine and transmission 5 rubber mount points covered in the shop manual section you referenced in post. If you are saying you have been driving this car all these years without a rear transmission mount or the  front transmission support “yaw” mounts in, I am as confused as you are.

If you didn’t remove the transmission then these 3 transmisson mounts are obviously not applicable to installation of your engine.
Also if you didn't remove the transmission and have followed all 47 steps in Section 38. Engine Installation (Without Transmission) you have installed you engine! The next Section 39. Engine Support Mounting is just an overall general reference section that describes the 2 up front motor mounts that would be applicable to installing engine only, but also the 3 additional transmission mounting points.

Mr Jason Edge 

I  really do have to compliment you on  your patience helping Kim thru the confusion he is having  at times  with his —-very big project 
When all is said and done you are the last word on the subject of our year Cadillacs with pictures and arrows to boot ( no one else takes the time and does this stuff as well as you )

He could not have a better adviser to keep him out of trouble 

 So Very Glad we have you to consult as few people have spent  as much of there lives knowing and understanding these Cadillacs as you have 

The world of 63-64 Cadillac would —Never be nearly the same —without your extensive knowledge very high degree of intelligence ( on many  many subjects )  and passion for our Cadillacs 

Your ability to lead (  to be in charge ) comes shining thru with all things you choose you do and an amazing quality that few can claim 

We would all be a little lost without all you add and do for this entire community and our Cadillac family 


Enjoy my Friend 

You are a priceless asset to us all 

A very Happy Easter to you and yours !!

I am once again considering moving in next door to you OR as close as possible so my car will be happier —-LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!  ( not sure you will be though !! ) 
Gotta Love who you are and what your about the more one gets to know you from  interaction  on this website 

God Bless you ! ( he already has as I see it ) 


Tony, I have really not done anything other than requote the Shop Manual. I have really not stated anything that is not there. This is why I strongly encourage everyone to read and re-read and understand the shop manual sections related to any maintenance, especially something as involved as removing, rebuilding and installing an engine. When I removed my engine block back in 2012, I guess I had parted out about 30 to 35 times at that point, but I still read the engine and removal section at least 3 times. I wanted to validated the Shop Manual process above and beyond may "part-em-out" quick and dirty way of dismantling everything and have to say the shop manual was spot on. It might take a couple of reads to get a handle on their terminology but usually by the 2nd or 3rd careful reread it is all very clear.  Apparently, Kim is jumping around in the shop manual, missing up Engine Support Mounting general section 39 with the engine installation section when transmission was not removed in section 38.  One of his illustrations looked like the transm bell housing to engine 6 bolts and the other looked like the trans front side support yaw mounts. When you are jumping around like that in the shop manual it makes following along difficult... especially for a dummy like me!

Yea— but you can read and comprehend which  is a good deal better than most —-LOL
 Who has this info at there fingertips all  of the time nobody but ——YOU!

 I am holding to my post above this one  —-but I do understand your southern gentleman’s position to remain humble above all else which I find an interesting trait 

Your a special Guy —( especially to the Cadillac world ) -so  just get over it ALREADY !


I'm hoping that anyone that takes on removing, rebuilding and installing an engine has the shop manual at their fingertips... and a good chunk of the info stored up in the grey matter before they take it on.  Just being honest. 



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