I started a front disc brake conversion on my ‘64 Caddy. I finished the drivers side first only to find my factory rim scrapes the caliper to the point it would need spacing 1” to clear and roll free. I’m not feeling that kinda spacing at all. I’d like to run my factory rims with her original hubcaps. Are there factory rims out there that would miss the caliper but still let me use the factory hubcaps? Or Is there a front disc conversion kit that would allow me to use my factory rims?? 

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I did the disc conversion using the '69 GM brakes. They require a spacer but only 5/16". I'm not crazy about using that but can't get around it. I agree that a 1" spacer is way too much.

Which brakes are you using?

It’s a big brake se pt up from Engineered Components Inc. Really nice folks. They do conversion kits but this was a first run for a ‘64 Cadillac. The wheel issue was thought not to be so pronounced.

The answer to the first question is no 

Only certain year rims will allow the  use of the stock  64 hubcaps 

 Ex :    64 caps will not fit 65 rims 

I know for a fact they do make disc brake kits that will allow you to use the stock rims of the 64 

Not sure what brands they are 

There are many discussions on this site regarding different disc brake kits that have been used 


Thanks, I’ll do some digging on the site. I saw a discussion from 2013 that looked interesting. 

I also did the conversion, using the 5/16 spacers with longer wheel studs.  There is a fellow who is doing some research using 77 trans Am calipers, in hopes of using the stock rims with no spacer.

If you have a junk caliper, grind away where the rim ribs. I'm curious as to how much material there is at the rub point until the caliper is compromised.

The 1961 to 1964 wheels (rims) are a bit wider on the outer lip where the hubcap snaps in. This is the reason a 1964 hubcap (wheel cover) is too wide to fit on a 1965 and later rim, or earlier rim. If you want to use a 63/64 hubcap it needs to be the 1961 to 1964 rim. If course with patience and talent with working metal I am sure the 63/64 hubcaps could be modified to squeeze onto another rim.



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