Sold my 64 series 62 and bought  a 1962 cdv It has to be primed after sitting  installed two new airtec pumps wouldn't run at all put old pump back runs but still have orig problem . I have rebuilt carb, new tank and sending unit ,Got under car today and noticed rubber line from sending unit is looped very high over rear up to floor of car and back to fuel line running to pump ,Could that be my problem also if I decide to  go with an  electric pump would that line have to be lowered. Had someone else install tank so don't know location of original rubber hose. Thanks

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On the 63/64's there is a metal tab straight up on the body of the car up in the axle tunnel on the back side that holds the vent pipe in place. Below is a picture of the 63/64 setup. I assume the 62 would be similar.

Thanks .I will look for it .Right now I am hurting  You pay getting under these cars  when you're 67. Thanks again for your time you are the BEST

Do you know the current condition of your fuel filter ?
Many things in old fuel tanks to clog the filter and decrease fuel flow
Basic maintenance but will cause a number of problem if overlooked And it gets clogged

You have a metal fuel filter where the metal fuel line enter the carbs casing that should be checked for clean

Examining the fuel lines from the tank to the carb checking all fittings and hoses for possible damage( splitting) or leaking would be a good idea at some point unless the problem is resolved before


All new thanks

Electric fuel pumps -Push fuel foward --so they get mounted at the rear close to the gas tank
They can be constanly noisy which is a big down side to me
Russ one of our more knowlegable people on the subject of our cars uses a cut off switch on the pump in case of an accident so the pump will stop running ( fire protection )

I have used an electric fuel pump on another car and i too am not a fan of them

Cadillacs in my own opinion should be quite luxury cars as they came from the factory ( just my choice )

I would do what ever it takes to just get the stock fuel system to do what it was designed to do
Locate the reason the system is not working as it should and repair it correctly


The fuel tank vent --is located at the rear of the tank just over the rear axel and is connected with a rubber hose to the tank which you can see in Jasons tank repair pictures

You should be loosing a good deal of fuel with that missing killing your gas mileage and making a bad gas smell

Air must always be able to enter the fuel tank through a hole in the gas cap or in our cars through the fuel tank vent
If air cannot enter the gas tank a vacuum is formed in the tank that prevents fuel from being drawn out of the tank by the mechanical fuel pump ( sucking it )
Just a basic which i do not think is your problem with the fuel tank vent missing On yours ( air can still get in - but gas spills out )

Your major concern is the car not getting primed at cold start up from you post

Checking the carbs Accelerator pump would be one of the first things to check for working correctly as stated earlier here
That pump is the source of the start up prime required to start the engine
The choke being set correctly will help draw fuel to the carb when it first starts from the prime ( pushing the gas peddle 3-5 times )
Pushing the peddle to the floor is squirting gas into the intake manifold-- Eash Time you do thst if the pump is working correctly
Clean fuel filters are required for that to happen correctly

Examine the actual metal fuel lines for possible holes from rust that will allow air into a system -that should be closed
That has to be done with the car running or the gas will evaporate before you can see the seepage going on
The lines will have some liquid gasoline on them if they are leaking
You can run a rubber hose from the tank to the fuel pump -attached to the old fuel lines to solve that issue if it applies
I do think the gas lines on my 64 are stainless steel which is not so subject to rusting as some other year Cadillacs
My 69 Cadillac had the above issue that i had to repair and correct

The age of these cars allows for these odd things to happen and require being checked


The fuel vent extension is easily installed with the tank in the car
If you jack up the car from its rear good chance you will loose fuel out the vent hole with the vent extension missing
Might be best to do on a lift with the car level
Keeping you fuel level in the tank on the lower side ( 1/4 tank ) might be best until you get the vent needed to prevent expensive fuel loss


Thanks for your help



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