Anybody else have a problem with your gas tank overfilling then draining out the overflow?  I've done the service bulletin with relocating the vent and drilling the hole in the top.

Every so often when I fill the tank it seems to overfill before the pump shuts off.  Like today, the pump shut off and there was no fuel running out the vent.  Drove a mile or two down the road and parked on the street with one side a but lower on the curb side and fuel is running out the vent.

Also the garage smells like fuel.  Anybody tried putting a charcoal filter over the vent or anything?

I try to avoid gas stations with fast pumps because that makes overfilling too easy.

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If you already replaced the hose for the overflow vent and it is sound

I would extend that hose as to raise the vent tube  up some so it is placed a bit higher than it’s current location so the additional height will  prevents fuel from leaking out as the vent will  now be  up higher and over the fuel level in the tank when the tank is full 

I had exactly the same problem  with the smell issue and when I viewed the overflow vent hose( rubber part )  from under the car it looked good 

I only found the damage to the hose when I removed the hose and that was a  very big surprise  to me but solved my smell issues 


So are you saying to remove that short chunk of hose coming out of tank (about 3") that attaches the vent and extend it?  I think the vent pipe is as high up against the floorboard as I can get it.  I will replace the hose just to be safe.



Remove the vent tube and the rubber hose and inspect the rubber hose for damage -  Could be dry and cracked ( that was my problem and fix )

Do replace the rubber hose for ethanol fuel from the gas tank to the carb 

Do get the vent tube up as high as is possible where it is located if it means making the rubber hose a bit longer if necessary 

The higher you can get the vent tube over the top of the tank the less chance of it leaking fuel out of the tank when full 

Best to do with a half tank or less of fuel to not be loosing any fuel when jacking the rear of the car up that changes the angle of the gas in the tank towards the rear of the tank 




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