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My name Jordan, I'm relatively new to this site and wanted to introduce myself, as I will be spending much more time on here. Many years ago I bought my grandpa's 1964 Cadillac Sedan Deville. I'm not proud to say it has been in storage since the day I bought it, and hadn't been running for some time before that (1991 to be exact). From what my grandpa told me before he passed, I was always under the assumption that it was locked up, had no life left and would need a complete engine averhaul. About 2 months ago I put a used battery in it and found out that most of the electrical still worked (lights, radio, gauges), but didn't turn over. More recently I put a new battery in it and found that the engine still turns, along with all the pulleys. This has gotten me real excited and given me more renewed interest in a long gone hobby. I want to see my grandpas caddy back on the road and am excited to share my love of this beautiful automobile with you all, and gain some much needed knowledge from this group. My first step was bring the carb in for a rebuild. We'll see what next week brings.


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You will need to change the coolant and oil before a start up
You need oil for a flat tappet cam engine which you need to find for the car ( 5 quarts and filter )
The trans and rear end fluids in the near future SB changed once car is moving
Grease the cars suspension
A complete tune up with new ignition wires will help get the car started to see what you have to work with regarding the engines condition
Keep the battery charged as required to be able to crank the engine as needed
Does the engine crank with the starter ?

Can you do the work or will you be having it done ?


Oil change is a must. Oil breaks down with age.  Pull the plugs and pour oil into the cylinders and roll the engine over to lube the cylinder walls.

Priming the oil system is also a very good idea. Pull the distrib and spin the oil pump with a drill. A socket fits onto the shaft. I would spot weld the socket so it has no chance of falling into the engine.

After the cars fires up, and your happy with a running engine, a check and change of all the rubber hoses on the engine/coolant/fuel/brake/vacuum systems will be in order.  Remember to clean the oil fill breather cap.

Flush out the brake lines so the master cylinder has new fluid.  The master cylinder is likely full of crud, and will tear up the seals if the brake pedal is depressed fully. Pull it and clean it out and reassemble with a kit if you can find one.

The car has been sitting for 26 years and will require all that Russ and i have suggested above
Getting the engine to run being the first priority to determine its condition
Looks like you have a lot to do to get the car back on the road
Hope your mechanical skills are up to the task as that is the only thing to help keep your expenses down
You may never recover the time and expense that needs to be invested in your car but most of us here do not do what we do on these cars except for our own joy and satisfaction of owning our fine looking Antique Cadillacs
These cars can become a money pit but if it is your dream and desire who cares were the money goes as that is what its for anyway

Sure you will be needing new tires and a complete brake job including brake cylinders and brake shoes
The gas tank SB a bit of a mess and require a cleaning and fresh fuel for the engine to run
You can run the engine off a can of fresh fuel fitted to the carb at first

Looks to me to be a great deal of work and expense required but you can take your time and make it a long term project if you wish to

The other option would be to sell the car for parts as it is or give it to your mechanic and spend thousands to go over the car from one end to the other as i did in 2006 and then have to correct what the shop did not do correctly so the car runs as it should
It will be a difficult and frustrating experience if you choose to go the mechanic route without knowing a lot about the subject yourself

Get a -Service Manual -for the car and study it as it will be the most valuable tool for you to know how to do what your car requires for yourself and you mechanic if that will be the route you choose to go

Thank you for your insight, Tony. I have a service manual, and a fair bit of mechanical ability. I just don't have any experience with carbureted engines. I know that it's in pretty rough shape, and will require quite a bit of work. I'm very glad to have found this group to help guide me through this process. Right now my goal is to get it running, then to bring it to "back to the 50's" car show. It will probably never be a show car, but the enjoyment of driving around is all I'm asking in the immediate future. And to answer your question from earlier, the starter does turn the engine.
Add a complete exhaust system May be required

I do not think this hobby is for everyone unless you are a hobby mechanic for many years and have the money you desire to be spending in this manor for you own personal pleasure that you derive from doing and owning our kind of car

It is a hobby. You will never ever get the money back. Most likely not even half of what your spent. But after a few years you will think it was worth it.

Hi Jordan, I am glad to have you with us and have to say it is really cool that you have your grandpa's Caddy. That will make it extra special.  I see the guys have already opened the firehose of suggestions and will just say take your time, use the Shop Manual and owners manual, and our website as resources and have fun with it. I mention the owners manual as it has a ton of information, often overlooked, and offers a good overview of the operation of your car. Our Help page has a lot of specific information that has been culled together over the years and can be very useful.
Also be sure to join the Cadillac LaSalle Club (Click Here for more info on joining). Once a member of the CLC you can then join our Free 1963/64 Cadillac Chapter which hosts this site.  I would love to share your story of your Grandpa's Cadillac in our Chapter Newsletter! 
Again, Welcome to the Site! I look forward to hearing more about your Cadillac. Jason. 


Grandpa was a very Cool Guy to own one of these cars

The older our cars get the better they look compared to whats out there
You will need the tools and space to work on the car
I will do all i can to help you thru your restoration as will many other Cadillac Angels that live here on a daily basis
Just let us know what you need to know

Driving these cars is the purpose behind fixing and restoring these cars for the Fun they bring to your life when you are using them

These cars just-- SHOUT OUT - now here is a SUPER CAR GUY !!! ( if i may )


As the car has been standing idle for many year, your wheel bearings might be damaged. So be prepared to replace them as well. Don't by the bearings from National buy the SKF bearings. National is cheaper but has been reported as non-reliable.



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