When i got this car a year or so ago, the guy had headlights on them that had a mirror reflector thing over the top half of the glass,/lens,,i was out in the 73 eldo yesterday evening and the lights on them seemed quite a bit brighter than the 63,,  then i looked at the output and the 63 light seems to be reflecting down some from that mirror coating,,   still forward, but not near as bright outward.  

is there any advantage to that,,?  i like PLENTY OF LIGHT when night driving up here,, elk and deer on the road are a constant hazard,,,, would the local part houses have the high intensity lights for 63s  ??  I know they know have about 10 different brightness bulbs when i go looking for them on my truck,, do those options apply here...

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Kim since Tony is on hiatus I will fill in. Hopefully I can live up to his standards LOL. Some new halogen lights will help if yours are very old. Even if they are old halogens they will dim over time. Check prices but I just bought some for my wagon from rockauto.com and much better. The covering is it stainless a steel shield? Some older hot riders did that as a customizing trick. They will reduce headlight output. 

Clovis,  thanks,  attaching picture,  its a mirror like finish. Do i need to get a new exterior clear lens, or just the little bulb on the inside to get rid of that mirror

Just remove the cover. Those things are illegal because there are so dangerous. They are blocking almost all of your light output. Remove the stainless trim ring that hold the light in. The chrome cover will fall out and you will have headlights again. The difference will be night and day. Inspect the bulbs after the cover is off. If the inner silver reflecting surface is corroded or dulling over replace them.

Dam,  i just took a closer look and sure nuff.  They are opaque shields!   I thoufht they wrre like mirorror sunglasses!Why would they make anything that would block headlight intensity at night!   Well, got them removed, will ck the light aim and intensity this evening.  Thanks for the help

Good to hear Kim. 



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