The headlight switch in my 64 De Ville is really making a grinding sound and is hard to push in and I am looking for a new one.

I am also looking for 2 trunk lights with the mercury switch. 

Any help would be great.


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You can try using a lubricant on the shaft that moves in and out
Is worth a try to see if it helps


I have plenty of 64 headlight switches from core switches to complete assemblies, for regular headlights and those with Guidematic Autodimming with the rheostat for Guidematic sensitivity control. First, I would do as Tony suggested and perhaps remove the knob and shaft and clean and lube with some tuner lube cleaner.  To remove the shaft you will need to access a release knob on the side of the switch per notes 9.a.1 & 9.a.3 (non Guidematic) and notes 10.a.1 and 10.a.3 (Guidematic), which involves removing the dash pad, and depressing a spring loaded release button while pulling the knob and shaft out. Or you can remove the entire light assembly per instructions in same section. Pricing for a core switch and shaft and knob is $35 + s/h. Prices go up from there if you need bezel, front face, and Guidematic rheostat.  
On the trunk lights I have everything except the mercury switch and can put you down for those on my Wait List if no one has them.

New 64 headlight switches are being reproduced. They are a good quality piece, as I buy them when I do my 64 conversion to fit a 63.

The switch is less than 12 dollars at any parts store. You will need to reuse the metal mount bracket.  

I have one trunk light assembly with the mercury switch. I tested the switch and it works but did not test the bulb. 

Ian Osborne I completely missed your post here!  Please PM me. I would like to know if you would be willing to part with the whole assembly, and if so, how  much. 

Hi Brian, If Ian or no one has one, I can add you to my Wait List for the next good one. I do have many nice light fixtures with base and bulb and wire, but they re missing the mercury switch.

Thank you for placing me on the waiting list.

Jason what? Who posted that picture? Didn't Osborne post it?

Yes, I misread the post and picture looked like my work bench. Hopefully Ian or someone will have the trunk light for Brian. Else, I will eventually bring more in.

Yes, We have worked out a sale. I'm glad I could help someone with a needed part.

Thanks to everyone for your input and help! There seemed to be some confusion as to who posted the pic etc.  My hope was to find 2 trunk lights with mercury switch. I have purchased 1  from Ian Osborne... 

Jason Edge I would still like to be placed on your waiting list. 

I will put you back on the list! You have had more action on my list in the last 1.5 days than most!



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