Have you done Dino's lifters yet?

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Kevin, I have not touched the car recently, other than putting a full charge on it yesterday. I've been heads down with several big house projects and suddenly got sidelined from everything on Nov 9. I usually don't post "ailments" online, but will share a bit. I've been working 1.5 years to reinforce the back section of our house foundation to get ready to build a new 400 sq ft section, but in doing so took on an even bigger project in digging out or crawlspace under the entire house to 4' below the floor which had ranged from about 1' to 2' clearance which mean crawling around on you back/belly to work on things. Framing the living room floor included double sister boarding with new 2x12 lumber, power lag screws, and thick gauge corner brackets. I probably spent $1000 to $2000 on  just brackets and SPAX brand power lag screws.   I completed the reinforcement of the main rear section a few months back but the dig continued and had probably dug out 95% of the crawlspace before an accident happened on Nov 9.

Backing up again, though, since reinforcing the rear room section, I have been working on the design of our new section dealing with how to integrate a new section with Hip Roof off the back. Trying to tie into that roof would have been complex and awkward looking, so I turned to how to build a flat roof (which actually isn't flat... with a 1/4" pitch) and design it in a way I could later do a deck above with entry from the room adjacent to it upstairs, or build another room abover, ... but more importantly build a roof line pitch where I could extend a new section further toward the front of the house and still keep the "per code" 1/4" pitch. I was extremely pleased with my final design, not so much for what it would immediately give us, but the ability to easily expand later on. 

Well, I finished my design plans for the room (see one overall view below) and submitted my plans on Nov 5. I continued my Big Dig, trying to finish up the very front section under my wrap around porch. I estimated I have dug out about 150 cubic yards, and guess I have about 15 to 20 more to dig out (we have a big porch and grade is very high under that section).  On Friday Nov 9, I was going in for my final tray (the 9th tray for the day, which I call a triple dig as 3 trays equals one large dump cart), and basically ran down the slick incline on the tempered hardboard.  My left foot when it landed slipped straight out, and since I would already in a walking bend on my right leg, ALL of my 200 lbs came down on right leg forcing it to a complete collapsed position and my foot in my butt from behind.  I had not broken a bone but knew I had torn muscle, tendons, and or ligaments.  It was extremely sore, but sort of refused that I had hurt it that bad.   Basically the muscle that allows you to sit with your legs off the ground and raise your leg in a kicking motion was not working. This is also the muscles used to go up and down steps to support yourself when knew is bent and to push yourself up or let yourself down. It is also the muscles that would let you stand on one leg and do squats. Well, that was gone, so by Fri the 14th, 5 days later I went to my regular family physician doctor, who felt the leg but really didn't get into the the specific muscles or what control I had loss.  She just diagnosed as a quadricep strain (tear) and was prescribed some anti-inflamation medicine (Naproxen) and Tramadol for paint. The Naproxen upset my stomach and Tramadol made me dizzy so stopped taking both after 1 day. I have continued to take 800 mg of ibuprofen as I had been taking before. During the entire time I have been using ice, mild stretch as my leg has been stiff, and wear a brace.. which is more for the knee but helps keep my leg straight and gives support.

By Sunday I was in a bit of panic mode as I have many large projects where I need use of my legs and to be mobile so I have an appointment with a professional Orthopedic doctor  tomorrow at 8am.   It has been a big struggle for me to sit still and not be active. I love to read and have caught up on reading, but I like to read on my own time when I want to! I have done a bit of Netflix/Amazon Prime/YouTube binge TV watching but it generally involves me sitting upright, with my leg up on a stool iced down and me doing hand weights! As I said, I am having a lot of trouble being inactive but I'm the glass half full, eternal optimist type person and have been learning to make the best of it. As of today some of the swelling seems to have gone down, and noticed when I go up steps I can take my hurt right leg, and add a bit of assistance as I drag myself up steps. Going down is tougher, and is still a complete left led down at a time deal. 

Oh, and on Nov 14 the town of Garner called me and my plan was approved. They seemed very impressed. I was pleased since I also have to deal with the fact I have a 106 year old historic house in their downtown area and it is a prominent house in terms of our little town.  So, the approval to go forward and build was bittersweet as I can move forward with digging out and setting foundation footing forms, but ... it is tough because I really can't do anything right now. My wife has been extremely supportive and will get past this,  but it will take some time. 

Back to my 64 Dino, I did put a full charge on it yesterday and will pull it outside and maybe do a spin to hear that tick again. I can work on it as I get better as long as I take it easy on the right leg.  I am also chomping at the bit to start my foundation dig for the new addition. Below are a few of my new addition plan renderings.  

So after reading that.... why haven't you done Dino's lifters, ya lazy bastard.:-) LOL

I knew you were under the pump with the house, but sorry to hear ya stuffed ya leg up a bit.

You ever heard the expression, "busy as a one legged man in an arse kicking competition"

If it makes ya feel a tiny bit better, for over 4 weeks now, I've been trying to get the time to change the oil and filter on the Fleetwood... with no success. It seems, there is always something to do to either our Ranch House, or the 12 acres needs a trim (I like it to look nice) or more importantly, another car to be prepped and ready for sale.

I'm currently processing car # 8 since we decided to do the car gig.

Mate, I hope ya leg sorts it self out soon. Love what ya doing with the house. I've watched and read your posts on stuff as you've been working on it, you should be proud of yourself, as it looks like you're doing excellent work.

I'd love to help out by doing Dino's lifters for you, buts its not easy from here. I wouldn't take no for an answer either.... :-) LOL.

Look after ya self boss.   

Kevin, I almost jumped in a few weeks ago to replace the lifters to, well, just replace the lifters and nothing else.  I would instead perhaps prefer to freshen some things up with new paint, replace hoses and clamps and really check things out and take my time. I may also try a different approach to blocking the intake to head exhaust port that would allow you to use the all metal gaskets that seem to be about the only thing available these days.  Anyway, I'm on this 22+ year journey with Dino, and as long as I am still kicking (pun intended) I will have many years in front of me to sort the lifter tick out!


i am so sorry to hear of your accident and injury. I understand what you're going through and how frustrating it can be. Please remember that you will get better, but healing takes time.

Wishing you a speedy and full recovery.

Jeff, Hema and Ria.

Quadricep torn from knee, MRI maybe later today, surgery Monday. Yikes!!

Torn right rotator cuff back in 2013, learned that muscles torn from joints will not heal  (reconnect) themselves, surgery is the only option. Jason, do be careful with your shoulders, esp. moving/picking up heavy objects ie wheelbarrows,transmissions, heads , blocks etc. Torn rotator cuff is #1 surgery for men ages 50 to 60. Wish you good luck with your surgery, but they are really good on this type of repair.

Dr said the surgery was straight forward but the 8 weeks for recovery in a leg brace would be tough for an active person. He also said the same thing about not reconnecting even pointing out the gap between the bone and muscle. You could even see 3 small fragments of bone in the X-ray where it had torn loose and ripped a few small fragments of bone away.  I have an MRI Friday and then everything is set for Monday surgery.  Not sure of time yet.

Good Luck with your surgery and have a Happy Thanksgiving

Gene McIlroy


i am so sorry to hear of your accident and injury. I understand what you're going through and how frustrating it can be. Please remember that you will get better, but healing takes time.

Wishing you a speedy and full recovery.  

Jeff, Hema and Ria. 

Thanks Jeff. Had my pre-surgery MRI today and looking forward to getting it over with Monday. The MRI after insurance was about $763 out of pocket today. That knocked me back on my already wobbly heels! LOL. That was my 1st MRI and didn't expect it to be cheap but I have pretty decent 80/20 insurance and was like WOW!  The BIG BUCKS will get spent Monday and later in therapy.

Hey Jason, if anything goes wrong and ya cark it on the table, can I have Dino please? PMSL :-)

Don't roll ya bloody eyes, I said please..... LOL

Kevin, he will be buried in the car...



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