Holley is making a carb that will bolt up to our 63/64 Cadillac's. 


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Has anyone tried one of these yet? Do our motors respond well to aftermarket carbs?


Anyone here try this carb yet? Probably going to preventative replace mine.

One Hell of an interesting carb for our cars 

Holly is all about performance 

Love to see some feedback from an installation that’s done 

This could be our new Go To Carb I would be thinking 

Very interesting design info 


If ever replacing my original Carter I would go with the FiTech EFI. Costs a bit more but I think it might be  worth it.

Go Street EFI 400HP System

Mostly not a fan of new things until they are proven to be what they claim but the new Holly carb  looks real good to me from the get go 

i like the one with the space age material to keep temps down  20 degrees in the carb 

The Fi- tech is not a simple plug and play performance improvement and not for everyone 

Do read the info posted on this site that —Clovis has posted on the Fi- tech fuel injection system which he has done the most with of anyone here using it 

It requires a special canister under the hood to operate and the last issue that Clovis encountered was not having enough fuel pressure at an idle that should require an in tank fuel pump for that to happen 


I do not see the ——vacuum port at the rear of the  new Holly carb that the  stock Carter ( or  aftermarket Edelbrock  carb ) has that is required for the 64 with the Turbo 400 trans to control  the shifting 

The carbs throttle linkage is designed —for other more modern transmissions than those in our cars as described in the video and not sure the Hydromatic with the TV rod could be modified to work with this carb easily 

Those two items may need to be addressed and some modification required —IF —this carb would be a possible choice for use  on our year cars ( getting to complicated for me ) 

Does look like this new Holly carb —could not be used —unless the items above could be addressed so it works in our cars 

That being the case to keep this reasonable simple I would just go with a stock carb rebuild ( Carter is a great carb  always ) or the Edelbrock after market carb ( that is the  original Carter carb with some slight improvements in design by  Edelbrock — the performance PEOPLE ! ) 

Took a little while to think this thru after the initial excitement of the new carb introduction 

i do have the Edelbrock 1406 with an electric choke on my 64 429 

The choke works better than the stock choke set up —but not perfect - just better

You will require a new aftermarket air cleaner due to the larger opening at the top of the carb or an adapter to mount the stock air cleaner ( that Russ sells ) 

One feature I really like is the 1406 has a vacuum port for the vacuum advance that changes the stock timing advance —to produce a bit more power from the engine ( the performance people ! )


I really - really - like the Holly with the -space age plastics center that are keeping the fuel temps in the carb bowls —20 degrees cooler than the intake manifold temps 

Better fuel density = more engine power !

One of the better innovative carb designs that has come along in a long time 

Hope we see more of this in future performance carb designs 

i do Enjoy this kind of thinking to improve  carb design and performance 




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