I will be installing a new chain and gears because I'm in this deep and all the forums here strongly recommend doing so.  It appears the coating is intact and I don't have to worry about that debris in my pan clogging the oil pickup.  When I install the new chain and gears should I expect very little play?  What is reasonable compared to the play I show in the video of the original set?

Also, it appears my cover is good with very minor scoring.  Am I missing something?

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If your in that far just put the new parts in  and the chain stretch is no issue at that point as it will be correct 

I think you should consider removing the top gear with the  Teflon coating and replacing it with a new gear that is available ( just metal ) 

The Teflon will break off the old gear in the future so avoid having That happen 

There are marks on the crank and cam that must line up for them to be in the correct position for the gears and chain to be installed in the correct location 


Thanks for the feedback.  New parts it is.

There will be some play, but not as much as what you have now. Having some play is normal. and unless you are running a chain tensioner, there will be some play.

There is no chain tensioner in our cars.

Russ, Thank you for the feedback

Ben, Good that the Teflon coating is intact, that will save you some additional worry of looking for it clogging the oil pickup screen. It is also great that you have a nice front cover. (These are becoming quite rare!) While the cover is off it would be a good time to clean. I often take to our local machine shop and let them drop it in their cleaning vat, and bead blast.  If you clean like that remove the pump gear and pressure relief valve & spring assembly. When reassembly make sure the valve slides smoothly back and forth, especially if you have the cover bead blasted as you will usually have some media left in the channel. It is good to put some lube or oil of your choice back in the valve cylinder. Also check the flatness of the front and rear cover where they mate to engine and water pump. Also check they oil pump cavity cover for and wear. With the cover off, it is a good time to have it planned smooth. Use just one thin gasket going back and don't load up on gasket sealant... the gasket should be all you need.  Removing, cleaning and installing these covers is not rocket science, just make sure you take your time and don't over torque bolts. The five small 1/4" bolts that go directly into the front cover are known for breaking off, so go easy with them and observer the 5 ft/lb torque. When reassembly anything like this of course you want to remove any debris from the thread holes and chase them with a taps to make sure your torque is applied between the mating surfaces correctly. Just all common sense stuff, really. 

The fact that your Teflon cam gear is  original stock and still in good condition indicates to me you may have a low mileage engine or one that has been very well cared for 

Good news 




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