My clock is not working and been trying to figure out how to remove the clock.   Do I need to remove the dash pad off? Some say it should twist off?  I tried twisting it and its not twisting off? is there a special trick to this? any help would be great.  

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Cyrus, Grab the outer rim of clock and twist counter clockwise to remove.  (See first picture below) After 50+ years they often take a bit of force. That your help in place with spring clamps and IT WILL come loose given enough force. Once removed you will have a power wire, and the light wire socket to remove.

Note that the red wire has 12 volts all times so either disconnect battery first or be prepared to put electrical tape over the end, as it will blow your fuse as if it touches metal.  The light base is a simple twist in type connector. 

Once the clock is removed,  you can sometimes open the case and blow out with compressed air, and some light spray with the tuner lubricant cleaner available at Radio Shack for about $8 a can.  Obviously if you see damaged or burnt parts it will need to be refurbished or repaired. I have had excellent results with Clock Works, listed on our Parts Suppliers  page, for both refurbishing clocks and converting one (my current one) to quartz. I liked the original electro-mechanical tick, and rewind tick of the original function, but with quartz conversion it looks the same other than the smooth movement second arm vs the tick movement, and you never have to set the clock as long as it has powers.  Often the mechanical gear spring mechanism simply wears out and needs to be replaced with new parts. Other times it is just a matter of dirt and grime and that is where cleaning with air then tuner lubricant cleaner can help.

OK..again, grip that face like you are shaking hands with that one uncle that likes to squeeze your hand off to show he has a good grip, and turn that momma counter clock wise.

See picture below:

Thanks jason....i was turning it clockwise thats where i made the mistake. Thank you again! I think I will keep it as original as i they work is pretty awesome. But if not the guys at clockworks will work on it.

I tried to turn mine until I was blue in the face and could not get it to move. I went under the dash and pushed up on the spring clip that is over the pin and then it came out easily. Upon installing it I put a little sill glide on the pin. Ron Perry

Got the clock working perfectly.  Thanks Jason for the advise.



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