A good mate of mine mows the grass for an elderly couple a few miles away. The other day, while at the back door receiving his payment, he noticed the picture of a 1964 Cadillac on the wall.

My mate mentioned my car, which in turn, became an invite for me to show them my car.

Yesterday, I took a run down to their place and the lovely old couple (him 90, her 88) showed me several photos of a white Sedan Deville.

He'd bought the car, in the mid to late 60's, he told me.. The fellow they bought it off, was killed in a speedway crash in 1967, and a google search told me he was correct, so it proved when they bought it, the car would have been only a couple of years old.

The car was right hand hook in all the pictures, so it was an expensive purchase for the original owner by the time it was bought into Australia and converted.

After about an hour of seeing every photo they had, I took him for a drive in the Fleetwood. The fellows wife had already been out and checked out my car, noting it was still left hand drive.

His memory, for a 90 year old, was excellent too, he rattled off the torque figures correctly, engine sizes, he knew how to open the hood and commented, that my car seemed to handle better than his.

So, all in all, I made an old couple happy and put a grin on an old blokes face.

My good deed for the day..... I bet I still end up going to hell when I cark it though, who knows, maybe I'll score a spot not so close to the fire with any luck seeing I was such a good boy.

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One hell of a very nice gesture


Maaaaate, i'm just a hell of a nice guy..... just ask me. :-)

So what happened to their car? Where is it now? 

he sold it a few years later.

No idea where it is now, but i'd like to think its still out there somewhere.

One of the pics it had towing mirrors on it and a caravan in the back ground.

That's a fantastic story and neat that you could give them a ride in your Caddy. I am sure it brought back a rush of memories for them!!

I came across the Cadillac in question yesterday, sort of.

I was chatting with Keith Dean in Brisbane yesterday for a couple of hours and i was telling him about the old blokes 64. Turns out, Keith had the car in his possession recently but has now sold the car. 

The car however, is now around only 60 miles from where the old guy lives. I'm going to be back in that area tomorrow, so i'll swing by and check the pics.

If the number plate starts with NUM, its the same car.

I should be a P.I.

You are the Aussie Super Trouper of finding and spotlighting Caddies Down Under ….
OK... cue the lights, cue the music...this one's for Kevin.. the Cadillac Super Trouper:


A little bit more I've found out about the car in question. Here in Oz, our number plates are longer than the USA units, so back then, you had to fold the number plates on the last inch or so each end to fit them in the cavity.

These days, we can order "American Sized" plates etc. 

The mob who did the left to right conversion upon the cars arrival in Australia, cut the rear number plate assembly and added two inches to it, and had it re-chromed.

The balance of the rear trim, was then shortened to suit the wider plate assembly. Now some might see that as bastardising the original piece, but it would also make it a fairly rare piece into the bargain.  

At least the number plate fitted and still hinged down ok.

The more I think about this, the more I wonder whether its correct or not.

To widen the number plate housing, you'd have to modify the boot/trunk lid as well, which would seem to be a hell of a lot of work to perform above and beyond the left to right conversion, which on its own, is a pretty big job.

You're bloody well not kidding about it being a big job. It still blows my mind that it is even attempted. However after moving the entire steering system to the other side of the car, along with all of the other things that have to be done, making room for a wider license plate would be a piece of cake.

You might be onto something there Ian.

I'd rather have my nuts crushed in a vice before i'd swap left to right, but there are few cars here that are converted.

Some systems back in the early days were very crude. Chapels of Melbourne did pretty good work, but, 'I've still heard of people perfecting the system later on.

I love driving left hook, especially coming around a left hand bend. Every now and again, you'll see someone coming the other way and they will immediately begin to go a bit wide.

I think its the initial "there's no-one sitting where they should be.  



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