Hi All, happy to have just joined up and looking forward to contributing and learning from you all. I have just purchased this Fleetwood from a guy who purchased it from Barret Jackson back in ‘17.  A mid 90’s resto in Seacrest green that seems to have won some awards in the past.  Very happy with it.Cheers Shane

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Should be a very special example with those credencials
Do post some photos


Hi Tony, Ginny I have posted some photos of the Cad now.

Welcome Shane. I see you are in Australia. And Fleetwood you say? Sound familiar anyone? Calling Kevin, please roll out the welcome wagon (but don't scare him off LOL).

Hi Shane, the Fleetwood you bought, if its the one i'm thinking of, is a gem of a car. You'll have a good time on here, one of the best sites for anyone with a 63/64 Cadillac and even more so, for those with very good taste who drive a Fleetwood.

Don't get me wrong though, De Ville's are nice and lets face it, the peasants have to drive something.

With you in Victoria and me in Queensland, its unlikely we'll cross paths, but ya never know. Cheers,Kev

Hi Kevin, I posted some shots of the awards.  CLC Senior Badge is a bit controversial, some other forums mention it might have been Bob Carini's 64.  Apperently resto was done in early 90's by Bill Goudy and his son  somewhere in the mid west.  I sure would like some history. 

Arggghhh, ya big shit, that's the one I was thinking you'd bought.

Friggin good car huh..... i'm as jealous as all hell, but really pleased for you, if that makes sense. Do ya searches on the history of the car, we did and it was well worth doing.

The GM Centre (Americans cant spell) will be able to supply ya build sheet, trace the owners, its loads of fun.

And, above all, drive the wheels off it.

Ha ha . thanks Kevin, yeah I'm pretty chuffed all the work has been done and just a few maintenance issues such  as oil leaks and a vibration under acceleration. Checking spark plugs and leads as engine vibrates through all rev range in park. Cruise control is next then a perfect car!

Thank you all for your warm welcome. I will post some more photos when I get my head around the site workings!


If you have points check the point gap ( on a dwell meter -first ) and the timing ( on a light ) then change the dist cap and rotor and the ignition wires if you do not know how old the wires are
The cap and rotor could be the issue
Sould be changed every 6,000 miles ( even if a pertronics after market ign is used )
Inspect the plugs they sb a brown paper bag color at the tips
If dark ( blackish ) some oil is getting into a cylinder
If white the car is running lean
Evaluate the plugs after the above is all done and you run the car for a little while on the new tune

If the problem is still an issue after the above is done other trouble shooting will be required
The above covers most basic engine smoothness issues
A spark plug can go bad and misfire if oil is getting into a cylinder
Change the plug in any cylinder with a black burning plug or all if you do not know the time on them
That should get any rough running out of the engine and smooth it out

A service manual for our year cars is a cut above most and a very very valuable TOOL to keep the car in good running order


Thanks Tony she fantastic advice there.  Residing in Australia hard to get parts here.  I think Iwill go through CARiD for genuine Dissy Cap (with Brass) points, plugs (I have NGK) and a set of leads. you mentioned Pertronix, is this something i should consider to replace points? does it use standard leads?

Kev where do you source parts in US from?

Many Thanks


All American Auto Parts in Ballarat in Victoria, will have a lot of stuff. (Susp.engine, trans and the like)

Jason Edge and Russ Austin on this site are excellent to deal with for the hard to get stuff.

A lot of folks use electronic ignitions, but i'm a little old fashioned.... points and condenser work fine for me.  Set the dwell angle to between 25 and 30, I run my timing a tad stronger at 10 degrees, but I have recalibrated the dizzy to suit that setting.

Starts first go... runs like 10 year old with 50cents chasing a Mr Whippy truck.                  

What year Fleetwood?  I assume it is a series 60?



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