Got all set to start tearing down the car to replace the seal the balancer runs it.

I dug out the gasket kit, which i'd bought nearly 2 years ago, to check the bits.

Gaskets and crap all looked of, grabbed the seal and tested it on an old balancer. WRONG SEAL.

Rang the folks I got it off, they were great, turns out, by mistake, i was sent a kit for 472 motor. 

The right stuff is on the way.... I offered to post the wrong stuff back, and told, NO, just keep it on sell it.

They rang me back again maybe an hour later t ask if the car was in bits. I explained, it was still in piece and drivable.

Not sure what he was going to do if it was in bits, but it was terrific service.

I might have been slightly grumpy if i'd already pulled it down, but it pays to check before you start.

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At least you found it before the shart hit the fan.

is this the car you just rebuilt the engine in some year or so ago??

Yeah, wasn't the seal either, fuel pump was a tad loose.

OK, fired the Fleetwood this morning with no pulleys in place and the front up in the air..

Was looking good too, until a small amount of oil appeared in the timing cover seal the balancer runs in.

So it looks like the seal is a dud after all. At 3 years old, I wouldn't have expected it to leak, but we shall find out why once it comes off in a day or two.

Did you put the repair sleeve on the balancer?

You did Russ.... LOL.... before you send me the balancer I bought off you years ago.

Did you seal the seal?  Put RTV round the shell of the seal, so oil doesn't leak out.

Love ya work mate..... LOL.


 Very Good to know that front  crank seal requires additional sealant when being  replaced with a new metal sleeve if that is also needed
 Just Good stuff to know 

Not a repair you would like to do more than once if that can be avoided 




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